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Viking VPN Review

Viking VPN Review

Viking VPN “the fastest, most secure VPN service provider”. Does Viking VPN hold true to its large claim? Viking VPN has aimed themselves more towards the “premium VPN” service market. With a bit of a higher price, and select countries it may seem almost not worth it. But don’t let the price turn you off. This VPN really knows what premium means.


Viking VPN is a very simple VPN. There are little to no features when it comes to Viking VPN. They have no gimmicky software, no bloatware, or no junk packed inside. The only thing you get when you sign up is a OpenVPN file. You put your OpenVPN config file in your VPN folder and you are ready to go. Viking VPN supports OpenVPN for Windows (all versions), Mac OSX (all versions), Android, iOS, and Ubuntu (other linux flavors may be included). OpenVPN for iOS is a must. Not enough providers are supporting OpenVPN for iOS.  Viking VPN is the simplest VPN I have seen yet. Simplicity is nice, also when you are going for premium, no gimmicks are needed.


Viking VPN has to be one of the fastest VPN’s I have used to date. With the select servers they have, and higher price point, this premium VPN is really premium. Viking VPN had amazing speeds. I could stream multiple videos in HD while on the VPN, I could have it connected on all of my devices and be getting top speeds on all devices. The VPN connection is rock solid and had never dropped once. I use VPN’s for daily browsing, and very bandwidth intense sessions. Viking VPN has never dropped, gotten chalky, or died on me. Viking VPN knows speed!

Why choose this “premium service” over another VPN?

Now Viking VPN may not blatantly name themselves as a premium provider, but when talking to them they told me “Yeah, there’s a reason we’re more expensive than them (other providers).  We’re monetized entirely differently.  They sell their service the way most gyms sell gym memberships.  They sell it super cheap and hope that you only show up 2 or 3 times.  They don’t make any money off the people who use the service daily – they lose money on them.  We actually want people to use our service constantly, so we’re reserving a lot more bandwidth per person than any of our competitors.”. Viking VPN wants people to use their VPN for streaming, gaming, downloading, daily use, and whenever you want. There statement is true, a lot of cheaper VPN’s hope most people will only show up a few times and maybe forget. I know a lot of people that buy premium VPN’s for upwards of $30+. Viking VPN is not nearly that expensive, but it is a bit more than your average provider.


Now Viking VPN knows speed, and simplicity, but is there anything else? Yes! Viking VPN utilizes and always will utilize the highest form of encryption available. In our “Interview with VikingVPN” they said “We use a 4096-bit RSA handshake, AES-256-CBC encryption, and a 2048-bit HMAC firewall”. Also on top of all of this, there is no way to reduce it. With most VPN’s that utilize 4096bit and other high standard encryption algorithms, the speeds are significantly slower and shaved off. . On top of all this Viking VPN does not shape, or censor any form of traffic. No services are censored. Again Viking VPN knows speed. With their top of the line encryption, privacy is no question.


Overall Viking VPN is a fantastic provider. But, if you are looking for a provider with hundreds of locations, and many servers, you may want to look into another provider. Viking VPN has very select servers. They are in the U.S.A. right now, and are moving into the Netherlands and other offshore locations. But if you are looking for a VPN that is ready for your bandwidth intensive sessions, and you want HIGH speeds, Viking VPN is the way to go.

UPDATE: In December the VikingVPN team added new servers. An overseas server located in the Netherlands, Amsterdam to be specific. They also added another US location, Phoneix. They currently offer Chicago (USA), Phoneix (USA), and Amsterdam (Nethernalnds) as of January 8, 2014. Just as before the speeds were still amazing. Even overseas. This is truly one of the few VPN’s that offers speed, and privacy. Overseas the speeds were reduced as can be expected since it was overseas, but the speeds were still great for an overseas server. But again, speeds were still streamable in HD. I would not prefer to stream my content overseas since it isn’t content restricted for myself. But, I see no issue if you wanted to unlock USA content, if you were located in another country. But overall, the speeds are purely amazing. They are working on some new features to improve the speeds even more. VikingVPN is defiantly a must have for speed and real privacy.

Check out the official Viking VPN website here!

Read our Interview with VikingVPN here!

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  1. VikingVPN is dead… the founders walked away taking jobs elsewhere. Instead of stating the facts and potentially refund customers, they both walked away. We as users are left in the cold.

    Another user is putting together a law suit against both founders. This is just the beginning, but details will eventually be available through a specific website or Facebook. Keep checking for details if you were scammed by these two.