Interview with VikingVPN, Freedom Hacker

Interview with VikingVPN

Interview with VikingVPN

0)Please tell us, what is your role (in the VPN company, where do you stand, owner, marketer, advertiser etc)?
I’m a Co-Founder of VikingVPN.

1) Does VikingVPN keep any logs, IP Addresses, Timestamps, Bandwidth caps, Traffic or other data?
We don’t log any user activity.  The only data we do log is generic bandwidth I/O for performance/reliability purposes. We do not log IP addresses, timestamps or network activity. We do not throttle, filter, or otherwise restrict our network access.

2) What type of Encryption do you use?
We use a 4096-bit RSA handshake, AES-256-CBC encryption, and a 2048-bit HMAC firewall. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not allow our security settings to be reduced.  The maximum security is the default security.  We plan to move to AES-256-GCM when the official OpenVPN client supports it. It is stronger encryption and there are speed advantages.

3) Where are your servers located and what jurisdiction do you operate under?
United States.  We’re going to be spinning up some more servers here shortly.  We’re looking at some Netherlands locations.  We realize there are concerns about U.S. companies being compromised by the NSA.  We haven’t been, and would refuse to be.  If we were to receive a National Security Letter, we would shut down the business and re-open overseas.

4) How do you generally handle requests from law enforcement and copyright agencies?
We haven’t received any requests from law enforcement or lawyers.  We would do everything in our power to protect the privacy and anonymity of all of our users if something like that were to happen.  We have received DMCA notices, but every one of them was an invalid notice, per our DMCA policy.  Our reply to the notice simply consists of a copied version of our DMCA policy, located here:  We’ve never turned over user data to anyone; even we(the admins) do not have access to it, because we don’t log it, so it doesn’t exist.

5) Do you have access to all your servers, and does the datacenter you use log?
We have dedicated server hardware.  We have access to all of it.  Logging on that hardware is disabled.  The data center is going to log raw bandwidth amounts in order to monitor their network’s performance, but they’re not logging any of our user activity.

6) Does your service support bittorrent?
We’re not shaping our traffic in any way, and the bittorrent ports are open.  So yes, we support bittorrent.

Check out the official VikingVPN website here!

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