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Interview with TunnelBear VPN

0)Please tell us, what is your role (in the VPN company, where do you stand, owner, marketer, advertiser etc)?

1) Does TunnelBear VPN keep any logs, IP Addresses, Timestamps, Bandwidth caps, Traffic or other data?
We do not log, full-stop.  We store the information you signed up with and the overall amount of data you consume.

2) What type of Encryption do you use?
Open VPN and IP sec

Since TunnelBear didn’t elaborate or mention the encryption they provide, their FAQ states “TunnelBear provides a minimum of AES 128-bit encryption.”(here).

3) Where are your servers located and what jurisdiction do you operate under?
We operate in the jurisdiction of Canada, with end-points in 7 countries: US, UK, Canada, Frances, Australia, Germany, Japan.  

4) How do you generally handle requests from law enforcement and copyright agencies?
We politely explain to them that we do not have the records they are looking for.

5) Do you have access to all your servers, and does the datacenter you use log?
We use hosting providers for our endpoint servers. Our hosting providers do not log traffic on those servers.

6) Does your service support bittorrent?
TunnelBear no longer supports Torrents.  We really think the internet is better without restrictions, however because of the high-volume of DCMA notices we historically received, it wasn’t possible to continue operating our service in that way.  We were faced with the difficult decision of either beginning to log user traffic or restrict torrents.  We are very passionate about user privacy, and we choose privacy (and blocking torrents) as the priority for our service.

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