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Are you a cyber security professional? An activist, a hacker? You may be a great fit for the Freedom Hacker Team. is a collective of hackers, activists, cyber security professionals, privacy enthusiasts, among others of the technology industry. We are a team dedicated to providing real-world uncensored news among the privacy and security community.

We do not believe you need high levels of schooling to provide reliable news. We are a self taught collective that love privacy and the internet. You need to have knowledge on technology, privacy, security, and how it all works inside and out (we will expand our genre if you can provide topics aside from our current categories, don’t hesitate to ask).

Writers / bloggers are paid for their efforts via Google Adsense or other advertisers (within your control,) because you control the ad space within your blog entries. Meaning you earn revenue on that ad space directly from Google or other advertisers of your choice. (We don’t pay you revenue directly, we simply allow you access over the ad space inside your articles. You insert ad code from Adsense or other sources, and are paid directly from them.)


  • Should have good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to generate content quickly.
  • Should be comfortable in writing on technical topics.
  • Knowledge of Hacking, Security, Privacy, VPN’s, and other security based topics.
  • Creative ability (Thinking out of Box).
  • Self-motivated & responsible.
  • Ability to learn complex concepts quickly and explain them with clarity and technical accuracy.


  • Researching and Reporting great stories.
  • Conducting online Interviews.
  • Helping out with other projects as needed.
  • Writing articles frequently.

If you feel you can handle these responsibilities please input your application down below, or a sample of your writing. Write a technical article and send it via email, or send us an application with your skillset, schooling, or other relatable items that may apply. We will give you a definite answer within 24 hours of your submission. Freedom Hacker is looking for long term writers, all other submissions will be disregarded.

All submissions must be sent to the email author[at]freedomhacker[dot]net with subject title “Job”.