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CyberGhost VPN Review

CyberGhost VPN Review

CyberGhost VPN has 21 countries, over 200 gigabit tier servers, over 2.5million users, and is free, or less than $7 for premium. CyberGhost is one of the longer running VPN’s I have seen. CyberGhost is most prominently known for their free VPN service, as it is one of most secure free VPN’s on the market. But aside from the free service, the freedom hacker team tested out CyberGhost VPN’s premium plus service. The premium plus service offers unlimited bandwidth,  unlimited traffic, 256-bit AES encryption, OpenVPN (along with L2TP/IPSec, PPTP), all 250+ servers accessible,, all 20+ countries accessible, an Anti Fingerprinting System, and 5 devices simultaneously connected! For less than $7.00 per month, this VPN really packs a punch.


Since CyberGhost VPN offers multiple packages, here is the current chart for the services and features

Unlimited Bandwith
Unlimited Traffic
* Disconnect after 3 hours
Encryption AES 256-bit AES 256-bit AES 256-bit
Protocols OpenVPN via Windows client OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec,
OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec,
Number of Servers 20 253 253
Number of Countries 14 20 20
Anti Fingerprinting
Number of Devices 1 device 1 device 5 devices



CyberGhost VPN has lots of great features for their budget friendly VPN. They offer a

great Windows Client, a simple OpenVPN file (if you choose), or allow you to manually set it up. The Windows client is packed with loads of great features and privacy options. Here is a picture of the Windows client along with all the features, settings, and advanced settings (click the picture to enlarge it and see all the settings in detail. If the picture does not enlarge correctly, click here)

As you can see, the Windows client has A LOT of great features. CyberGhost VPN’s Windows client allows you to choose your country, and exact location/IP right from the client. Then in the settings they offer even more features such as blocking websites from picking up user agent info (such as your operating system, and/or browser information). They also allow you to block online trackers, things like Ghostery and others do this by default (but this time a VPN offers it). Also, the anti fingerprinting option is located inside this client too. Anti fingerprinting would be the options listed above, but you can even enable anti fingerprinting on https:// connections. Then under advances settings you can allow exceptions and hosts as well as turn on a SOCKS 5 or HTTP proxy. Then lastly you can choose to use the CyberGhost VPN’s DNS servers. This will ensure no leaks occur whilst using the VPN. Every VPN provider needs to have an option to forward your DNS to a non-logging DNS with ease. The Windows client is packed with plenty of great features, and in just one click and you are connected. The installer sets everything up, so setup is a breeze. They offer OpenVPN for Linux, Mac OSX, and Android. Right now they are working on integrating OpenVPN into iOS. Right now CyberGhost even has an iOS app that will set up the VPN for you, and allows you to choose any country location you want right from the app. Little to no VPN’s actually have apps that will do this. Along with all these great features CyberGhost has a nice web client. If you ever need a new config file, want to deactivate a device that you let use your VPN subscription, or just check your subscription time, its all there at your fingertips. CyberGhost is packed with many professional features, and they wont leave you disappointed.


CyberGhost has lots of great features, great encryption, and a huge user base, but what are the speeds like? CyberGhost has blazing fast speeds. I did notice 2-3 times (out of the 2 months I tested this) some website to computer downloads were a bit slow (could have been a custom DNS I was using at the time), but that was very rare. CyberGhost VPN had no problem streaming videos in HD, loading webpages at highspeed, and  I had no connection drops. CyberGhost has really stepped up their game. Using their older VPN service it was okay, but their new service is completely revamped. They use 256-AES (as of December 2013), and have blazing fast speeds. The speeds are blazing fast from all 250+ servers. I also NEVER experienced a drop in connection. The VPN can hold very bandwidth intensive sessions, along with keeping up the speed. I did not notice the VPN was on when I was using it.

Does CyberGhost compare to the other mainstream providers?

CyberGhost is one of the first VPN’s where I can honestly say YES! Most mainstream providers are garbage sellouts who don’t care about privacy, and give you a nice amount of locations. But CyberGhost has changed the name of a mainstream VPN provider. CyberGhost cares about their users, is budget friendly, uses top of the line crypto, and has loads of great features. They censor no services, log no forms of data, and want privacy. I rarely rave about a service, but the CEO answered our interview questions very detailed and thoroughly. You can clearly see they want to make the difference. CyberGhost even offers a free VPN for people who cannot afford a premium service. The free VPN offers top of the line crypto along with unlimited and uncensored traffic.


Overall I can honestly say CyberGhost is the best VPN provider I have used to date. Not because they offer a free plan, or because they use top of the line crypto, but because they care about privacy. Most VPN providers just offer a layer of anonymity and tell you to go along and use the service. But CyberGhost actually cares. With their amazing server locations, amazing server set up, crypto, and much more, CyberGhost is the best VPN I have ever used. CyberGhost is big enough to be a corporation and sell users out, but they are a small team of individuals helping secure the internet.

Check out the official CyberGhost VPN website here!

Don’t forget to read our CyberGhost VPN Interview here!

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  1. hi there i live in the U,S and i am looking for a very secure vpn to be as safe as possible online i use torrents an like to keep my line secure for everything that i do its not my isp or anyone elses buisness what i buy etc.. and i want to do my best to protect my privacy what vpn would u honestly suggest i use i have express vpn rite now are they truly the best thank you for your time Jim

    1. To date Cyberghost has the best and I go all over the place with it. Awesome VPN. It supports up to 5 devices., You wont be sorry.

    1. Hi Claire, there is no need to use several VPN’s at one time. Using one is sufficient for privacy and security as a whole. The reason for using more than one would be to have more options. A lot of VPN’s offer several different countries to connect to, different features, and allow people to choose what they want.

      Our personal favorite is Private Internet Access VPN.

      1. PIA might be the cheapest one but i never get their promised fast speeds. They are not slow but i dont get above 3-4 MB/s. At least the speed never drops under 3 MB/s. I am wondering why you gave cyberghost such a good review, i also tried them and for me, living in europe speed and support was very bad. I tested them back in May, maybe things changed now, but after waiting days for their support to answer my question i canceled my account. They might have a nice privacy policy, but all those privacy policy mean nothing IMO since we will never know exactly who will log what and so on. For me Viking VPN is the best solution, they are not cheap but so far the only VPN Service where i am constantly maxing out my 100+ Mbit connection, 24/7 on the highest security level on the Amsterdam cluster. Even when testing download speeds on the US Servers i still have the speed PIA gives me on their NL cluster. I can easily stream Netflix in Full HD while i am connected to the US cluster.

        Thanks for your reviews, please continue with your great work!

        1. Hi anonymous, thank you for the comment and the feedback. Odd to see you had bad experiences on both services which have been rated so highly. To note, we have nowhere near the regular net speed you have, which may be why you had a huge difference in service compared to us. We can still stream services in HD while using the following VPN services on our router though. Viking does have great speeds, but the price alone scare a lot of users away, which then directs the serious VPN and bandwidth heavy users to them.

          Thank you for the kind comment and if you have any other experiences in the future please let us know!

  2. It is really safe and secure using this VPN. I’m using for only $2.99/month I’m feeling secure and it same thing as VPN. trickbyte is bit faster than VPN servers , and your pricing is a bit heavy in the pocket for small people.

    1. Hi, to start, yes using CyberGhost is completely safe and secure. I personally used them and continue to use them from time to time. I use a combination of different VPN’s, but still use CyberGhost since its a great service.

      Now before I explain a little bit, TrickByte is a great service, I am not saying anything bad about the service. Just a side note before.

      TrickByte is nowhere near the same as a VPN. In one respect, the service can circumvent content restrictions. If your in another country and want to watch the US netflix, TrickByte will help you easily do that. But TrickByte does not secure your internet connection. TrickByte only redirects your DNS to another country. DNS is where all your query information targets, then your IP takes and transfers packets back and forth. When not using a VPN all of your packets going back and forth in plain text, meaning the government and your internet provider can read it, a VPN secures the line. When you visit my site, your internet provider can see you visited freedomhacker. When using TrickByte, trickbyte tells my site your in the US if your using the USA DNS, thats all. Then your internet provider will see your accessing my website and store that data right there in clear text. Meaning they can read, watch, track, and monitor all your data. If you turn on CyberGhost your connections will be secured. You visit, your internet provider will see “asfkje958we3234”, or encrypted data instead of seeing what your doing. This means your internet provider is skewed and cannot see what you do, nor can governments, or other trackers. When you visit my site or do anything online, your provider will get jumbled data. Even if your playing games, streaming, on Skype, everything. If your using TrickByte on top of this, again, TrickByte will only see you queried FreedomHacker with your IP, and nothing from there on. Your internet provider will not be able to see what sites you visit, governments can’t track you, and you can stay safe from cyber criminals online. There is a lot more to it, but Trickbyte is a DNS filtering service. A VPN offers secure connections, and often times a DNS. Now if you want to stay extra secure, keep your TrickByte subscription, and grab a subscription to a VPN.

      Yes the pricing is a bit heftier, but you will pay the price either way. Not trying to use scare tactics to sell you something, but you will pay one way or more. Your internet tracks your usage, they feed it to governments (no matter what country your in), they sell it to third parties, advertisers track you online, and it turns into a fiasco. Next thing you start getting spam calls to your phone, getting physical snail mail in your mailbox, getting spam emails, and all the rest. There are many aspects, but either you pay for privacy, or have a third party sell it. The internet can really get out of hand, and a VPN can really take hold and calm it down. Either way, its up to you. But a VPN secures the line, and a DNS changer queries the site from a separate location. If CyberGhost is a bit to pricy for you, check our VPN page, most of the top providers on the list have great price points,

    1. Those are mostly legal laws to comply worldwide. They don’t actually record any data of what you do, and have never turned over data. In the CyberGhost Interview CyberGhost CEO goes over what data they collect and why.

      They are a private VPN and I love their service. That privacy policy doesn’t seem to really affect their services.