AirVPN Review, Freedom Hacker

AirVPN Review

AirVPN Review

AirVPN offers 14 different countries, multiple gigabit tier servers, and 5 different packages starting at only 1€. AirVPN operates under Italian jurisdiction which means they are an offshore non-US based provider. AirVPN was born by activists, hacktivists, and hackers in early 2010. They turned their once free service into a commercial service offering privacy solutions worldwide. With thousands of customers using their service every second, and published transparency reports, its safe to say the company can be trusted.


AirVPN offers a variety of features. They offer up to 20 custom forwarded ports simultaneously in their client panel. AirVPN offers a vast number of configuration options. They offer a configuration that routes you through TOR, then to their VPN servers, a custom mobile configuration file, and different kinds of configurations based on what you want and/or need. With AirVPN offering many features and allowing almost anything you need, they go as far as to publish transparency reports. On their statistics page, it allows you to see what servers are running, how many users are on it, and if the hardware or bandwidth is begin maxed out. This allows for optimal services all the time. With their published transparency reports, you have the option to opt out. Many services opt you in automatically and collect bandwidth data, and hardware outputs by default. Its harmless, but you are opted in with no choice. Well, AirVPN has changed that. You have to choice to opt-out on whether they can put you on their transparency reports, or collect any data from you at all. On top of all of these great features AirVPN offers a very simple and easy to use client. It is to the point, and does not contain any bloatware, or unnecessary features.

AirVPN Review, Freedom Hacker

Lastly AirVPN offers cipher AES-256-CBC 2048 bit encryption to ensure your privacy. The company only offers the SSTP/OpenVPN protocol, because that is the only secure protocol these days. AirVPN has a large list of needed features that not many other VPN providers support.


With AirVPN speeds are great. Load time for websites was fast, and no lag was present, or noticeable. When downloading files from a website to my computer, there was no speed noticeably shaved off. Streaming on AirVPN was also great. Videos streamed HD with no problems, or noticeable differences. The VPN was virtually non-existent most of the time.


Overall AirVPN was great. They have very lenient services, and state “No discrimination toward any service, protocol or application.” This means they allow all protocols and do not censor their services in anyway. You get to use the service you payed for your way. Not many services are like that these days. AirVPN is one of the select few VPN providers we can honestly recommend. AirVPN offers complete transparency, chooses not to censor any service or protocol in anyway, and cares about your privacy.  With a true service made by hackers and online activists, this service is truly one of a kind.

Check out the official AirVPN website here!

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  1. Save your money by reading this! Being AirVPN user for 3+ months, I can say – run away as fast as you can!

    Their servers worked well enough for 2+ months, then connection problems started occurring more and more often. Today I posted a message on their forum telling that service is down again, and called it a “great service”. Do you know what happened? They instantly banned me on the forum, closed my VPN account (I paid for 12 months of service) and this is it!

    Needless to say, they ignore all my emails and refund requests, so stay away from this “company”! Otherwise, your account will be closed and they will keep all your money in case you complain about their service.

    1. Hello, sorry for the late response. Did anyone from AirVPN resolve this? We have never had an experience like this and actually have recently used them. Can you please confirm if this is still ongoing and then we can reply a little more accurately. Thanks!

    1. Hello we are currently aware and are re-reviewing the service at this time.

      Thank you for the information.

  2. I admire their dedication to privacy but AirVPN is an overpriced, mediocre VPN provider.

    Speeds are consistent but not great. Frequent drops.

    Their VPN client is too basic, extremely buggy and lacks a kill switch.

    Allowing only 1 connection at a time is lame. Can’t use your smartphone and laptop at the same time.

    They are quick to respond to customer service requests but can be quite indignant at times. I think it’s due to English being their second language.

    1. Everyone has a different experience with VPN services, which is why some stick with other VPN’s. We personally had a great experience. True they only allows one connection, but we personally stick this on a router, so its not really an issue.
      The client, well I haven’t used it in a long time, but it worked when we tested it.

      But we always admire privacy and quality both.