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EarthVPN Review

Update: EarthVPN may be turning over logs, we recommend other VPN providers found here!

EarthVPN Review

EarthVPN 32 countries and 87 locations for $3.99. Is this VPN real, or even any good? Does this VPN have any privacy, anonymity, or is it just another “too good to be true scheme”? The answer is, this VPN is real, and phenomenal. EarthVPN offers an extreme amount of locations for a great price. EarthVPN has the most locations accessible for the best price I have seen to date. Now to the EarthVPN Review.


EarthVPN is stuffed with tons of great features and extras. They offer

dual layers of protection and many other great little add-ons, while keeping their VPN professional. I see many VPN providers offering silly gimmicks that have no worth to the VPN. Not only does it make it look unprofessional, it makes it look like a joke that some child made. EarthVPN has a really nice interface, just like Private Internet Access VPN. None of the add-ons they offer are gimmicks, and they all add worth to the VPN. First off lets get to their features they list on the homepage. Connect From Anywhere, Unbeatable Prices, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN and SSH/Socks Proxy, Encrypts Your Connection, Absolutely No Logs, Unlimited Transfer Speed, Unlimited Bandwidth, P2P & Torrent Supported, Protects Your Anonymity, Support for Multiple Devices, Bypass Restrictions, Access Geolocated Movie Sites, 24/7/365 Customer Support, and 100% Customer Satisfaction. All of these are tested and true for me. Note: P2P is only allowed on P2P eligible servers. EarthVPN has a great Windows UI. Here is a picture when you first open it

EarthVPN Windows, Freedom Hacker

It allows you to choose your protocol, port, country, and server. Then you can expand each to choose what you want. Above I show all the protocols available on my machine. Next I show the ports available on the Luxembourg server. After I show the list of all the countries that are available to choose from. Then lastly, I just choose the United States server, and show the list of locations available for that country. They have multiple locations for almost every country, but they have the most amount of servers in the USA. The VPN has an extensive list of servers choose from, but still keeps it simple, and user friendly. Also, this is the windows client. On a Mac OSX you have to set the VPN up via network settings, then you just input what server you want to use. It isn’t very hard. Also, the same goes for Android, and iDevices. They allow you to have the VPN running on 3 devices simultaneously/at one time. You can be using your computer, phone, and tablet all at the same time. Just like other VPN providers you can have it hooked up to an unlimited number of devices, but EarthVPN allows you to have it running on three devices at one time. Also, EarthVPN is completely P2P friendly. They allow P2P in countries where the DMCA is not applicable. EarthVPN stands for total freedom in the P2P community. The last feature I want to go over is their proxy feature (it costs a little bit more). If your country does not allow VPN protocol, you just want to use a proxy, or you want to use a proxy over a VPN you can. You can use any on of their VPN servers as a proxy over their VPN service, or as a standalone. They are SSH/Socks proxies when you turn them on. It is great to have a dual layer available. The application is simple to use, and they have a set up guide here. I don’t feel the need for pictures as it  is a simple program. But with my testing, using the VPN and proxy at the same time, it does work. Also, the proxy server did layer over the VPN, so that confirmed it was working. But overall, EarthVPN has a lot of great features, and a great user interface.


The speeds were great. I did not experience any slow downs on my connection. All downloads downloaded at my full speed, and I did not experience any slow downs on any servers. Of course you cannot expect %100 speed when you are connected half way across the world. But I did not notice any irregular chalky speeds, or anything slow at any point in time. Everything was top notch for me.

Is it to good to be true? Is this a honey pot?

EarthVPN has gotten a rash of questions asking if its a honey pot. Since they have every location you could want, for an unbeatable price. First off, in their FAQ, it gives you a lot of answers to common questions, and can give some reassurance to all of them. But they even answer “EarthVPN service looks too good to be true, are you a honey pot ? We recently noticed seeing this kind of questions on message boards (not joking! you may search “earthvpn honeypot” on google). We are really proud that our VPN services, features and pricing looks too good. We are definitely NOT a honey pot.We believe in total freedom and do not like the words PRISM, NSA, DMCA etc as like you“. Also, School of Privacy answered a question about EarthVPN begin a honey pot, and gave great detail. And lastly, Reddits VPN subreddit, goes over why it could be so cheap. “EarthVPN is a new VPN company with headquarters in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a self-declared state recognized only by Turkey, while southern Cyprus is part of the European Union the northern part is not, so they don’t have to comply with EU laws.

Overall Review

Overall EarthVPN is great. Even if you are skeptical, I would defiantly say to give it a try. Its only $4.00 a month and they accept almost every payment. Anonymous, Global, country basis, almost everything. Overall I really liked the servers I was able to choose from, the proxy option, and the price. The only complaints are they block some P2P sites on non-P2P servers. They block the ability to view them. You cannot browse them unless you are connected to a P2P server (you can view some sites on quite a few of non-P2P servers). It feels like a form of internet censorship, (but they are also looking out for you, viewing P2P sites on a non-P2P server could be risky in a few situations) but they still allow viewing of them on other servers that are more open to P2P. Other than that, the VPN is quality. It lets you know that you are connected to their DNS, and when you are connected to the VPN. Then you can check your connected with trusty Overall I would recommend EarthVPN. Great speeds, great price, great customer service, and AMAZING server selection (32 countries and 87 locations). Check out EarthVPN’s official website.

Check out the official EarthVPN website here!

Read our “Interview with EarthVPN“.

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  1. What is the price for the proxy add-on? I looked all over their site, but (like your review) I couldn’t find any mention of pricing beyond the $3.95 base account.

    1. The proxy add-on is $1.99 per month, or $19.99 per year. Its very affordable considering the encryption, and protection of dual linking.

  2. Hi Considering the update, would it not be consistent to propely rank the stars? This does not seem like a 4 star player.

    1. Hello and yes I could. The waters are still murky, and there is no sufficient proof EarthVPN is or isn’t fully logging. They have still left this unanswered, so I am contemplating on updating it. But they are indeed not worth 4 stars.

  3. Hi!

    I do not understand, you put this on your site:
    Update: May Be EarthVPN turning over logs, we recommend –other VPN providers found here! he had an update eathvpn? and now he will keep the logs? I know that Cyprus has been removed from the offshore countries …
    it’s because of that?

  4. tried it could not get it to connect.. i work in this field so ….let’s say i’m ok with this tech..

    thier response was use our l.. or p . instead of open…… lmao what next no sha,… and no..blow or aes…

    i’m outta here..
    i requested full refund will let you know if THAT happens.. no response here means they do refund.

    good luck to all !!