LiquidVPN Overview and Discount, Freedom Hacker

LiquidVPN Overview and Discount

Running a VPN these days is crucial. With NSA revelations, hackers on the loose, and many other online threats, just using the internet as is, is not safe anymore. That is where a VPN provider steps in. LiquidVPN is a safe and trusted VPN provider that can secure your internet from ongoing live threats.

LiquidVPN brings more, for a cheaper price. LiquidVPN has numerous useful features not offered elsewhere, or that only other VPN providers charge an extreme price. Get %20 off LiquidVPN with this special link!

LiquidVPN Overview

LiquidVPN offers a range of notable features. To start, LiqudVPN offers a great feature called IP modulation. IP modulation is a game changing feature for VPN providers everywhere. Virtually no providers have such a features installed to date. What is IP modulation? When a user connects to a website, the website loads many features through your IP address. With a VPN you mask your IP, but most VPN providers only give you one IP. So everything loaded on that website goes through that one IP address, and you have no control. LiquidVPN’s IP modulation will load all the requests through numerous IP’s. When you go to a website, instead of loading the page under one IP address, you can load the page under 12, 20, 50 separate IP addresses, and become virtually anonymous everywhere you go. It doesn’t stop there, it will change on every website you visit. If you are an average web browser, your IP can be virtually %100 untraceable. This feature can be enabled or disabled for ease of use.

LiquidVPN also offers an Intrusion Prevention System, or IPS. The intrusion prevention system is built to filter out bad traffic. If the IPS is activated, it will scan incoming traffic for malicious requests, bad requests, and possible intrusions while using the VPN. It will filter this traffic out, and keep you safe as threats progress. LiquidVPN’s IPS can also secure unblocking censored content, and safely returning those packets anonymously to your internet service provider (one way of blocking bad packets). The intrusion prevention system even works on mobile devices! The feature is currently an add-on, and has over thousands of known threats begin blocked. The threat database will of course grow over time.

Additionally, LiquidVPN offers dedicated IP’s. Even though dedicated IP’s may not be optimal for anonymity, most companies fail to even offer such features for users. Dedicated IP’s are great for numerous situations, and VPN’s may not always be used for anonymity, it may be used to strictly secure connections or privacy based.

LiquidVPN has a large list of features every online user can find useful. The best part is, the features are all built in, and can be turned on and off with one click. No additional technical setups are needed, or needing to choose what goes where. LiquidVPN sorts out IP modulations, their intrusion prevention system, and many other features by default.

LiquidVPN Discount

LiquidVPN has been generous enough to offer our readers a %20 off coupon. With our special link, you can get twenty percent off your VPN subscription. The LiquidVPN discount applies to all packages, of all time durations.


Even though this isn’t our review of LiquidVPN, LiquidVPN has many great features that no other VPN providers offer to date (bundled all in one). LiquidVPN is great if you want to scramble across multiple IP addresses without having to reconnect, and disconnect various times. LiquidVPN also has many great polices that ensure no logging is begin done, and that your connections remain secure. LiquidVPN is a great recommended VPN, and has numerous high tech security features built right in!

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