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SolarVPS Review

There are a number of “unlimited” everything providers on the market. Whether its website hosting, VPS hosting, or development, there is a lot on the market. Choosing the best is hard, as you may have to sift through the lies and garbage of “unlimited” providers. To get serious about your hosting needs, SolarVPS is here to take care of that.

SolarVPS Pricing

SolarVPS has a very simple and easy to understand pricing plan. Linux cloud VPS plans starts at $5/mo, and Windows Cloud plans start at $30/mo. From there, you can choose which hardware suits your needs, and get a cloud VPS for a desirable price. Prices and hardware may change in the future, so we will choose not to list all pricing options here. All pricing plans can be found at


For only $5/mo on the SolarVPS Linux cloud, they start you out with a generous 2Tb of traffic. Their highest bandwidth option caps out at 16Tb, so users can choose anything between 2Tb, and 16Tb. Their Windows VPS starts with 1Tb, and can also be moved up to 16Tb.

SolarVPS Apps

Now most VPS providers come with some applications readily available, or prepacked with tutorials for applications. SolarVPS comes with one click install applications, or add-ons. SolarVPS takes the spotlight with 260+ applications ready for one click install. Most tasks can be done within second.! With the hardware, applications are pushed out in seconds.
SolarVPS has loads of applications, and even a push application pre-installed. The push application is an optional smartphone and non-smartphone application that will notify you when anything new happens with the VPS. Whether it be a service outage, new invoice, hardware failure, hardware upgrade, you will be notified in real time. This means no more relying on emails (non-smartphone version utilizes email), or third party applications for your services, SolarVPS has it pre-packaged and ready to go.
SolarVPS comes with the usual one click installs for Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and many other content management systems. They also have one click install for server side programs that you would usually need to upload and install manually. SolarVPS has many great applications that can make server management painless and easy. With over 260+ readily available applications, SolarVPS makes VPS management easy.


SolarVPS promises stability and reliability with server scanning built in to make sure everything is working correctly. SolarVPS does just that. As the Freedom Hacker team did not utilize all of our pod resources to the max, we had %100 server up time from our side. Not only did we have great uptime, it also handled spikes in traffic very well. Again we didn’t utilize the total server resources we had, but we defiantly tested them.


As SolarVPS staff reviews all orders before deploying the initial VPS, VPS deployment may vary. My VPS was approved within minutes of my initial order. Once that was done, deploying our POD was simple and blazing fast. We had installed a Windows VNC server on ours, and the setup was quick and painless. Windows initial setup was the only wait time, other than that the initial deployment was blazing fast. The POD was deployed, and had our Windows server installed. The VNC speed was of generic VNC access speed.

Management Panel

To finish it all off, SolarVPS has a simple and custom management panel. They have real time view of logs, resource usage, overall usage, server information, graphs, and much more. Simple buttons to turn off, reboot, or turn on the VPS. And a catalog of all the one click install applications. The catalog is huge, and has far more applications in one panel than I have seen. The applications are all optional, so no bloatware is initially installed on your VPS. Everything is optional.


SolarVPS is a great choice. The pricing is really unbeatable, starting at only $5/mo, while having everything and more that a VPS should. The stability, reliability, and support was great. They have around the clock dev’s working on their servers, and processing deployments extremely fast. Overall, SolarVPS is a great VPS choice for all of your VPS needs.

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