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Mask Me Premium Review

Mask Me Premium Review

Mask Me is an elaborate masking service made to keep your online identity safe and secure designed by Abine. Abine is known for making great privacy tools featured here before such as Do Not Track, Delete Me, amongst other great services. As Abine begin a company based on privacy, real private and privacy based solutions are expected. Mask Me is a one of a kind service that delivers a lot more than expected.

What is MaskMe, and what is the difference between Mask Me free and Mask Me premium?

Abine offer two versions of their Mask Me service. A free and premium version. As you can expect the premium comes with a lot more premium features. With Mask Me free users can experience a spam free masked email, a secure password generator, and safe syncing across all devices. There are a lot of great features to protect your privacy on the free service. But with mask me premium users unlock the keys to their privacy kingdom.


Masked Emails

Mask Me Email, Freedom Hacker

Abine has offered a masked email feature for quite some time. The masked email feature is great, and is a real privacy saver. A lot of emails can be linked across the internet and eventually connect all the way back to a users name, and personal address. Masking an email will give users a throw away email specific to a domain, or a permanent throw away email. It will obscure the users current email, and mask it, when the company sends it an email, Abine will forward the email straight to the users real email. Abine gives the option to block the email from receiving any more emails with just one click. This feature is especially helpful is a user wants to stop receiving possible spam, or just updates from a website. This feature is offered on the free version of mask me and is a must have for any internet user.

Masked Phones

Mask Me Phone, Freedom Hacker

Recently telemarketers have become rogue and more vicious over the years. With large corporations getting hacked, data begin leaked, phone numbers and person information are begin leaked all over the web. Large corporations also choose to sell large portions of personal customer data for large sums of money. Once ones information is entered into a website, it is up to the website owner to decide where the data goes. While all this private data is getting leaked where is your data at? No one wants a pesky telemarketer spamming them in the middle of the night, or spam text messages. Masked phone numbers are great to stop just this. The masked phone feature allows users to input the phone number in a masking service and obscure their real number at any time. The phone number can receive calls and texts, but not reply to them just yet. Once the number is obscured it can be deactivated, turn into a dead number and not forward texts or calls to you anymore. The masked phone number is a great secure alternative to other “masking” services.

Masked Credit Cards

Mask Me Credit Cards, Freedom hacker

The main feature that brought me to the Mask Me Premium is the masked credit card feature. With identity fraud, and data breaches becoming more and more common there needs to be a way to protect your identity. Not only do data breaches worry users, sometimes just buying items off of a fishy website may worry a consumer about their data. Well Mask Me premium can turn that worry into trust . Mask Me allows you to set up a credit card that you can mask anytime and make into disposable credit cards. Say a user wants to buy something on, but doesn’t want to input their real card number. The user goes to their mask me panel or mobile app, goes to the Masked Credit Cards section, and creates a new card with the custom amount on it

Mask Me Premium creating masked cards, Freedom Hacker

It will ask “Are you sure you wish to create a card with this amount” with the last 4 digits of the card it will charge, and creates it. Once its created the card can be used virtually anywhere. It appears as a MasterCard, so almost any website that accepts MasterCard it can be redeemed. Once the limit is reached, or everything on the card is spent no more can be removed. A lot of websites I tried this on were charging extra hidden fees. So I accepted the TOS to give it a test, and it worked. All mini fees or recurring fees were denied, and my membership for the websites worked just fine. Also, when deactivating the card it saved any excess money on the card from begin spent. Once deactivated I was promptly refunded the money left on the card. This was also helpful if the card was denied on a website, I could deactivate it and get the money back onto my card. The whole Mask Me Premium UI is amazing. Here is a picture of my last 30 days of use, I blocked out the personal information, but here is what it will look like in the browser version (everything is stored locally but can be synced into the cloud)

Mask Me Premium Layout

Abine also offers an amazing mobile app to make cards, obscure emails, and encrypt passwords on the go. The desktop version and mobile app are both brilliantly designed. You can send masked cards as a gift to friends and family so their data is not stolen. It could also be sent as a disposable card such as a Visa vanilla you may buy in stores, but there are not fees on this one and its delivered via email. Mask Me Premiums masked card feature is amazing. This protects your data from possible data harvesting, can mask what you purchase online, and can secure your personal data in a possible data breach.

Why you should use masked cards

  • Secure your credit card data online
  • Stop giving away personal data, and use Abines data for the billing address
  • Mask what you buy online as it only shows Abine,inc on your credit card statement/Stop letting your bank see what you purchase
  • Obscure your online identity

Encrypted Passwords

Mask Me Encrypted Passwords, Freedom Hacker

Abine also offers a feature similar to LastPass, a way to create secure passwords and have it remember them for you. The feature is great for creating obscure and strong passwords. It also remembers them for you, and can automatically log you in when you visit the website. This could stop possible phishing attempts as it only logs into the verified website, or what domain you created the password on. I personally did not like the feature, but it is easily disabled via the settings page.

Account List

Mask Me Account List, Freedom Hacker

Lastly Mask Me premium offers an account list option. It will show what websites you recently logged into, and if you masked the email, phone number, and if the password is secure. Again this can be easily disabled via the settings. It does not store any passwords or spy on you, this is purely optional and an add-on on top of the encrypted password option. Its a great way to keep track of data, log ins, phone numbers, emails, and your password security. I personally disabled it, but it can be a very useful feature. Quite an obscure feature, but it manages all the data in one area.

Abine, Security and Privacy

Abine is known for their exquisite work in the privacy industry. Helping average home users delete their digital footprint to helping corporations delete data about them online, Abine is a reputable company. I have used Abines products since I was interested in cyber security. Abine has offered great reliable products and services for years. Their customer support is top of the line and extremely fast. As some features are still in beta, any problem I ran into was fixed within a timely manner and caused me no inconveniences. Abine runs a stellar company that has kept a great track record and continues to do so.


Mask Me premium is a must have for any cyber security enthusiast, privacy lover, online shopper, or anyone that uses the internet. For only $5 per month the service pays for itself within the first day. You cannot put a price tag on your privacy, privacy is priceless. Secure your online identity’s with Mask Me premium.

Check out the Mask Me Premium on Abine here!

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