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5 Awesome Hacks Anonymous Conducted for Animal Rights

The loosely based hacking group Anonymous is breaking headlines nearly everyday for their latest operations to uncover tyranny, corrupt governments and expose the wrongdoing going on around the world. Even though the hackers are standing up to billion dollar corporations and corrupt governments, they haven’t stopped there, and have done numerous operations for the ones who don’t have voices, animals! That’s right, the online collective has done a number on companies, corporations, organizations and even governments who have harmed or put animals in harms way.

To fight the evil abuse directed towards animals, Anonymous hackers have setup several operations which target helping animals. These operations are generally run under a certain hashtag, and on dedicated days of the week, the hackers will go rampant attacking these evil organizations abusing animals at will. From there, the hackers will generally stick to the hashtag and continue to target and attack companies, releasing all their data via Twitter as well as sending massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. DDoS attacks are when attackers send a massive amount of faulty traffic to a webserver in hopes of overwhelming the server and knocking it offline. These attacks are generally very effective for Anonymous when wiping evil organizations across the Internet.

*Note: We acknowledge Anonymous is a loosely based hacking collective with no leader or dedicated spokesperson, however we reached out to many Anonymous members apart of these operations to get their comments. Please note these members do not speak for the entirety of the Anonymous collective, nor does anyone. Lastly, we have decided not to link out to any of the hashtags directly as they contain extremely graphic pictures of animal abuse, however feel free to view them at your own will.

1. Operation Beast #OpBeast – Stop Bestiality

OpBeast Anonymous Stop Bestiality
Deface page left on hacked websites. (click to enlarge)

Operation Beast is one of the collectives most popular operations targeting animal abuse, and more specifically bestiality. Anonymous has specified that they are targeting countries where bestiality remains legal, which includes Brazil, Cambodia, Finland, Mexico, Romania, Thailand, and 12 states within the US.

Operation Beast was formed around March of 2013, originally running under the tag OpNullDemark, but changed to OpBeast on April 21st, the day Denmark officially ban bestiality country-wide.

Hackers in many of these operations have expressed their disbelief that this type of abuse is still relevant let alone legal in a number of countries. Shockingly, some countries actually reformed bestiality laws after being viciously attacked by Anonymous for their support in these types of abuse, though they never reveal Anonymous caught there eye.

Notable hacks: Anonymous has conducted dozens of attacks against pro-bestiality supporters, including governments and websites worldwide. One of the most notable attacks was back in April of last year, when Anonymous took down the world’s largest bestiality forum, alongside knocked offline and rampantly defacing dozens of other bestiality porn sites.

Attacks conducted under Operation Beast are 24/7/365. If you check under the hashtag on Twitter or Facebook, you will see a rolling feed of Anonymous hackers doing work day and night, attacking to many for us to report!

Speaking with several hackers related to attacks in support of #OpBeast have told us they not only to wish eradicate bestiality from the world but bring awareness to those who suffer from bestiality tendencies, as they consider it is a disease. One member heavily expressed that they wish those who suffer can get proper treatment without judgement or public harassment.

Another Anonymous member told us everyone can contribute and be an active member of Operation Beast, all it takes is tweeting legislators, reporting bestiality sites online as well as reporting pro-bestiality accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. All it takes is a little help from everyone and hackers can fuel a change that will legally put an end to at least one form of animal abuse worldwide.

2. Operation FunKill #OpFunKill – Stop Hunting

Another pro-animal rights operations is operation fun kill, targeting those who hunt for fun. These types of hunting include trophy hunting, dog smuggling, animal testing, whaling, shark and dolphin fishing, as well as abuse against animal-rights including the destruction of habitats, inhumane slaughter houses, dog fighting, bull fighting, and the trade of ivory, rhino horn, exotic animals and fur clothing.

The reason? Corporations are literally destroying animals habitats for money. Not only are they killing the fabric of nature but they are literally annihilating it, wiping down forests, testing toxic products on animals, and literally fishing the ocean dry.

Trophy Hunting has gone extremely far and there have been dozens of accounts of pure animal murder, even including the hunting of the beautiful Cecil the Lion!

Notable hacks: When the operation spawned hacks went wild, however they have recently subsided. The group has carried out a number of attacks in the name to stop animal hunting, one of the most notable being when Anonymous attacked the website and members of a private auction for the rights to kill an endangered animal. A man paid an organization $350,000 for the rights to hunt a black rhino, a species whose number continues to dwindle as barely 5,000 are reported alive today.

Shortly after his purchase, the man had his name leaked, and well, Anonymous bent them over their knee and have him a hard virtual spanking. Mere hours after his name was leaked the collective had already doxed him alongside gathered several other members information. Throughout several days and messages the man received relentless death threats and harsh comments, leading to him actually contacting authorities, where the FBI allegedly showed up to investigate.

Amid the outcry caused by Anonymous, the hunter ALLEGEDLY put his $350,000 back into helping saving the almost extinct black rhino species.

3. Operation Whales #OpWhales – Stop Whale and Dolphin hunting

OpWhales Stop Killing Whales Anomyous Hackers

Operation Whales is a newer operation Anonymous has spawned, targeting countries, governments and organizations who actively hunt dolphins and whales.

The group widely criticizes Iceland and Japan for their relentless whale and dolphin hunting, calling for it to be named illegal as well as stop the hunting entirely. Iceland has been hunting whales for years, disregarding not only the International Whaling Commission but the fact that the oceans are drying up.

Whales are endangered in Iceland, yet the country continues to carelessly slaughter thousands of innocent and endangered whales living in their natural habitat, the ocean!

Notable hacks: Operation Whales has tens of thousands of active supporters for a number of reasons, a large one actually being #4 on the list, but the group has conducted dozens of hacks in the name of Op Whales.

One of the most notable was the recent attack that plagued Nissan Japan. An Anonymous hacker with ties to OpWhales defaced the car maker Nissan’s Japanese domain, calling on Japan to stop killing whales and dolphins. Days later the group knocked off a Japanese Airport website, once again in protest dolphin killing.

These are just two of the hundreds of hacks Anonymous conducts for OpWhales nearly daily!

4. Operation SeaWorld #OpSeaWorld #OpKillingBay – Destroy SeaWorld

Going hand in hand with Op Whales is Operation SeaWorld, an operation that solely targets SeaWorld. The group has time and time again proved that SeaWorld, the waterpark, stores their whales in captivity and continues to mercilessly abuse them. Shortly after Blackfish was released, a film trying to expose SeaWorld’s wrongdoing, Anonymous took matters into their own hands, birthing Operation SeaWorld.

According to Anonymous, SeaWorld has committed a catalog of crimes including kidnapping Orca whales, murdering Orca whales, funding Taiji dolphin trade, funding dolphin slaughter for sushi, lying to trainers about safety, lying to customers, admitting to stealing baby penguins, drugging Orca’s including pregnant ones with anesthetic, drilling into Orcas teeth with no anesthetic and spending less than 1% on rescue and rehabilitation.

However, somehow the scum at SeaWorld continue to operate their whale jail with zero consequences. SeaWorld is slowly growing into one of the world’s most hated companies, hell even good ol’ country singer Willie Nelson has a serious distaste for Seaworld.

Willie Nelson Does not Like SeaWorld

Seriously, the company is so hated they even had their own employees infiltrate anti-SeaWorld groups, presumably to get inside information on their planned operations.

Notable hacks: Due to SeaWorld facing zero consequences for their ongoing animal abuse, Anonymous had to change that! Back in 2014 Anonymous hackers targeted SeaWorld board members, successfully doxing several. Due to the amount of personal information we cannot list a link here, but a simple search for SeaWorld board members hacked should might turn up some results.

Anonymous commits operations in groups, meaning there have presumably been thousands of attacks against organizations in the name of OpSeaworld, however they are rarely all grouped together.

It’s safe to say you should avoid supporting SeaWorld at any cost, even if its their water prison they call a park, or buy any of their merchandise. Just avoid SeaWorld, they are disgusting.

5. Operation Save Swedish Wolves #SaveSweWolves #StopSweWolfhunt

A relatively new operation is Save Swedish Wolves, an operation targeted at saving Swedish Wolves from the mass hunting and near extinction they are currently facing.

Anonymous has come together with other hackers to aid the Swedish wolf population, which stood at an estimated 250 in January 2015. What’s shocking is though Swedish wolves are quickly going extinct, the Swedish government actually signs court documents, allowing for the endangered species to be legally hunted.

This has caused outcry for the helpless community of Swedish wolves going extinct, one of the main reasons the operation was started in the first place.

Notable hacks: Due to Save Swedish Wolves being a much smaller operation, we are unable to pinpoint any notable attacks. While searching through the Internet we saw dozens of Anonymous members launching massive DDoS attacks against websites in protest of the wolf killings. So to put it shortly, we are seeing a lot of DDoS attacks and website defacement on a consistent basis.


Regardless of your stance on Anonymous or cyberattacks, it’s safe to say Anonymous is doing this for the world. Anonymous is standing up for those who don’t even have a voice. Anonymous is trying to protect the wildlife for generations of children ahead of us. These operations are no joke or small matter, wildlife is being wiped out a strikingly fast pace. Anonymous does not care if it is a government or small organization harming animals, no target is to big for them.

The countless attacks Anonymous has launched have caused tens of thousands to wake up around the world, and is only rapidly gaining more and more supporters everyday! Who doesn’t love animals (aside from the Japanese government)?

And if you think these are minor attacks that will be forgotten about tomorrow, just remember, Anonymous warns those target of attacks that they are “not a threat” but instead “a promise!”

[Photo via tangi bertin/Wikimedia (CC BY 2.0)]

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  1. I heard about Anonymous because of the Rehtaeh Parsons case in Nova Scotia. Because the RCMP was failing, and Anonymous MADE justice happen for Rehtaeh and her family. I saw them as heros! Now that I’ve read about their work to help animals, I think they are Angels!!!

  2. Advocating privacy is great. Openly advocating script kiddies causing annoyances is quite a different matter altogether.

    I only visit here occasionally. I’ll be debating whether to return at all after this.

    1. We did not intend to and do not openly advocating attacking anything. The only thing we advocating was getting behind the hashtags on Twitter and social media. Thanks!

  3. We appreciate your work on privacy but I wamnted to comment on hunting : My family has sheep for about 80 years. With brush patches of hundreds of acres on neighbors coyotes have lots of hiding places. Like most sheep ranches in this area most of us have went out of business in the past 10 years. My parents had to sell some land after several years of coyotes killing many lambs, more than half the lambs the last 2 years. To add insult to injury coyotes often kill several animals at once, only eating one or often not at all. I sold many of my ewes last year, will probably sell the rest this year, and signed a listing to lease for vineyards. While I kill a few coyotes, it is not near the number of animals that no one cares about that crop growing kills. Gophers, moles, rats and mice are killed with steel traps but people only seem to care if the animal in question has big ears and a big tail. Hunting is not just about sport or food, a pair of coyotes can end a ranch and result in many land use changes. I can imagine wolf damage being much worse. Over half of most western states is government land. That is enough habitat. Private property should not be forced to host these animals any more than apartment dwellers should be forced to tolerate rats and mice on their premises.

    1. Hi Sharon, I understand and can see what you’re saying. I think these operations are more based towards those who are hunting for fun and corporations wiping out forests. I personally wouldn’t find it fair for a coyote to kill your farm animals, food, etc, and you still be labeled a hunter for protecting your crops. I think this is more based for people who just go out and hunt for fun with no other intentions. I would see your intentions as more for saving crops, livestock and other animals, but that’s just me.

      Also didn’t know anyone with land or real livestock was reading our post. Awesome, keep it up and keep the earth green :)

      1. The biodiversity of the planet was once 2% human and 98% everything else, it is now 98% human and their animals and 2% everything else.

        She is not talking about saving her farm, her crops, or feeding her family, she is whining about money loss and using the same sad excuses most abusers/killers use to justify what they do. She doesn’t offer any facts about how much of these animals land have been stripped from them in the past few decades and have forced them onto her land because they have no alternative, she doesn’t explain that hunters killing off these predators prey, like deer/rabbits, by the thousands each year is yet another cause for them to have no other alternative then to cross onto her “private property” (because we all know animals can read signs right?), she doesn’t explain her industry is not sustainable and the energy (fuel, water, etc…) it takes to grow the crops to feed her livestock is the cause not only of deforestation, and the destruction of the Earths lungs (rain forest), but the major contributor of global warming as well. Why? because like most humans she feel she has the ‘right’ to do as she pleases with the animals around her or that are her property, that is why people like Anon need to do the things they do, SeaWorld execs think just like her, so do Circuses, fishermen, Zoos, hunters.

        Of people educated themselves there wouldn’t be this problem or a need for people like Anon to do the things they do either.

        Not to be an alarmist, I’m sure I will be dead sometime between now and the next 20 years so it doesn’t really matter to me that much believe it or not lol (stupidity and ignorance just infuriate me as you can tell), but if Americans don’t stop eating an average of 1.5 lbs of meat a day there won’t be any stopping global warming anyways, so problem solved I guess? lol Let the humans fry and hope the rest of the animals can make a come back.

        Honestly, 7.4 billion humans today, estimated 9 billion in the next couple of decades, Rain forest only has a few decades left at the current rate it is being cleared to make farms to grow food for the animals we eat, we fish out 5 lbs of fish for every 1 lb we eat out of the Oceans, Americans throw away 40% of their food from either going spoiled or just wastefulness, how do you tell an American (especially one so self righteous as Sharon!) that they can’t eat meat anymore? Or that they can only eat plant crops? You can;t, but in the mean time someone has to speak for those that can’t for themselves.

        Btw, the animals do have voices, humans are just too stupid to understand their language :)

          1. Since the eco-system isn’t what it use to be, due to human greed ‘in my opinion’ and predatory competition isn’t up to what it use to be for some time now (ex. wolves) <<< 'controversial yes' <<< … to control coyote population. I would suggest using dogs, llamas, and donkeys to help combat losses, along with your current benevolent system. It has been tried and true for quit some time now. Besides livestock guardians are a more humane way to go about it.

            #dogabuse – #baddogtreats – #savebees – #weathermodification

    2. Coyotes are not the same issue as wolves. Do you understand how wolves hunt? Let’s not assume this or that. Don’t assume that wolf damage is much worse.

      Secondly, we are only seeing damage to our livestock because as a human population, we have taken much more than we need, leaving very little of the natural environment left for our animal friends. Then we complain when they are hungry and act desperately.

      On my land, animals big and small are welcome to share. I do not kill any of them, not even the rats, snails, or the cockroaches. Interestingly, after a while, everything finds its natural balance. The civets keep the snail population down. Birds make sure the insects don’t overpopulate. Etc.

      So i don’t condone the killing of wolves, and none of the ‘vermin’ either. I love them all, big or small ears, small tails or no tail.

    3. You shouldn’t be in the business of abusing animals, whether it’s wild animals or livestock. Go ahead and claim your animals are slaughtered humanely, your sheep are sheered with the most delicate of precision, all BS, if someone slit your throat and let you bleed out or forced you to the ground and shaved your body you would cry foul and want them imprisoned for their deeds, I know, you’re a human and humans have the right, right? BS. The videos are out there, the proof is out there now and there’s nowhere to hide.

      It is not the animals fault you have encroached onto their territory either, humans are destroying the Earth with their meat consumption which makes up for over 50% of Climate Change gases, that’s you, not the entire auto industry put together, not the entire auto industry plus coal mining plus oil drilling, you and farmers like you are the cause of it. The Rain Forest is almost gone, and might be in 10-20 years at it’s current pace, so humans can build more farms and grow more crops for the animals they raise to eat.

      It takes a certain psychopathic mind to think the taking of life, any life, is reasonable when it’s for money, or because it’s not a human life or someone you know. I know, you were raised that way, not really your fault, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to face facts and be educated when you show such a level of ignorance. The lack of Empathy is one of the signs of psychopathy and you displayed none in your comment.

      Can’t raise animals because the predators are killing them? Get off their land, grows crops, or get a different job just like everyone else who falls on hard times or go bankrupt for one reason or another, the excuse that you may need to do one of those things I mentioned gives you the right to murder another living being is absurd, and again, psychotic.

      In 1812 there were .5 billion humans, in 1912 the population rose to 1.5 billion, in 2012 the population was 6.5 billion and rising. That is why the predators need to hunt on your farm, because farms needed to be made to feed the additional 5 billion meat eaters, which means growing more CROPS for the damn animals so don’t blame crop growing as though you are not part of the problem, leaving them with no other option then starve to death, something I have no doubt you wouldn’t allow yourself to do and would even murder for food if you where in the same situation.

      “Land use changes”?? please tell me you aren’t referring o changing it from an unsustainable meat farm to a sustainable crop farm?!! You can’t be that dumb, seriously, you just can’t. You seem to have a decent grasp of the English language, something most Americans don’t, you clearly have access to a computer and know how to use it, you seem to have time to waste leaving uneducated posts in website comment areas, yet somewhere along the line you couldn’t use those English skills to type in a Google search with the computer you have access to and educate yourself with the time you have to waste??

      The fact you can’t see the difference between rats/mice and coyotes/wolves, and I’m not just talking about “big ears and a big tail” or intelligence but population numbers as well, then that just about seals it as far as your psychopathy diagnosis goes.

      If you are so concerned about private property then give it back to the animals, or better yet, the Native Americans your ancestors stole it from to begin with you self righteous entitled ignoramous!

      And have a great day :)

    4. Sharon I find it very difficult to feel any sympathy for you and your loss of babies to coyotes. Yes I said babies, because that’s what lambs are, BABIES! What are you doing with these babies? Murdering them for food, clothing, greed? I hope Anonymous reads your post and tracks you and your shitty family of murderers down and destroys whatever you have left. The animals were here before you and they don’t deserve to die just because your family found a way to capitalize on them. You actually sound proud of yourself that you kill a few coyotes. choose compassion, choose vegan.

  4. there was nothing before opfunkill. most of these ops were made by the one group. the account doesnt seem to be active anymore.

    1. Hi Junebug, while that may be true there are dozens of accounts on Twitter and Facebook still showing support for the operations, so I would say they are still active even though the original people who started it left.