NSA Automates Hacking and can Infect Millions with Spying Malware, Freedom Hacker
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NSA Automates Hacking and can Infect Millions with Spying Malware

NSA Automates Hacking and can Infect Millions with Spying Malware

New documents from N.S.A. whistleblower, Edward Snowden, reveal that the N.S.A. can install malware on millions of computers to spy on users. A recent report from The Intercept break down ex NSA contractor, Edward Snowdens most recent revelations.

Recent N.S.A. documents reveal the N.S.A. operation codenamed, Turbine, automates hacking abilities. Turbine, can hack users at rapid rates and install malware that can spy on every aspect of a computer. To infect users the N.S.A. would set up a sleuth of fake Facebook servers, social media sites, spam emails laced with malware, and many deceptive scams. Once infected the N.S.A. would then download data off of the hard drive and send it to the N.S.A. headquarters. Not only can the N.S.A. take data off of the hard drive, the N.S.A. can record audio, take pictures of users webcams, and launch cyber attacks from the victims computer.

Once infected, the N.S.A. turns into the computers host. The malware can launch cyber attacks, corrupt file downloads, censor/block websites, and control the machine.

Turbine was designed to be automated system meaning no human would need to intervene with the program. The program was designed to be used at large scales because of its automation. It is unsure how many targets were deployed, and how many were infected by the NSA malware program, Turbine.

The N.S.A. had many extra tools that could circumvent encryption. Subset tools included plugins, add-ons, and extra spying tools. One named CAPTIVATEDAUDIENCE would enable total control over the victims infected computer. Others named CAPTIVATEDAUDIENCE, would target computer microphones and record conversations nearby. GUMFISH would take pictures unknowingly though users webcams. FOGGYBOTTOM would record logs of internet browsing habits, collect login details, and have access to all passwords, emails, etc. GROK was a keylogger logging all actions done via keystrokes. Lastly SALVAGERABBIT would lace data off of connected flash drives and send it to the N.S.A. database. Because the N.S.A.’s malware targeted the host machine, programs encrypting internet connections, and HTTPS:// did not protect users.

When The Intercept contacted the National Security Agency about Turbine, answers to any questions were refused.

Pointing to a new presidential policy directive announced by President Obama. “As the president made clear on 17 January,” the agency said in a statement, “signals intelligence shall be collected exclusively where there is a foreign intelligence or counterintelligence purpose to support national and departmental missions, and not for any other purposes.” —The Intercept

Just two weeks ago, Edward Snowden released documents that the NSA and GHQ were spying on Yahoo users and taking unsuspecting pictures through victims webcams. How much farther will privacy deteriorate?

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