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Assange Addresses Wikileaks Concerns while Verifying Proof of Life

After nearly 100 days without adequate proof of life, Julian Assange has confirmed that he is alive and well in the embassy. After re-scheduling his Reddit AMA last week, Assange has finally appeared before the public and answered their questions. To give adequate proof of life, Assange did a stream where he answered the Reddit questions live. During that time, Assange answered a number of questions about what happened over at Wikileaks over the past couple of months while giving verifiable proof of life.

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Assange even recognized the most active websites and subreddits discussing the leaks, giving a shoutout to Reddit, Voat, 4Chan, /r/Wikileaks, /r/the_donald and /r/dncleaks.

Assange Addresses Wikileaks October Fiasco

One of the most upvoted questions during the Assange AMA was what had happened in October. If you’re not familiar, things got a little weird over at Wikileaks around the beginning of October, more so when Assange’s Internet connection had been intentionally severed by Ecuador. When Assange’s Internet was cut, on October 15th, many began to fear about Assange’s whereabouts and well-being as he had not been seen alive since October 4th. Shortly after this occurred, many seemingly bizarre things began to occur over at Wikileaks. Fast forward to January 2016 and we still did not have concrete proof of life or proof that Wikileaks was indeed not compromised.

During the live AMA, Assange addressed his entire October, first noting that he has been stuck in the embassy for 4 years, a small embassy that is. He then went on to point out that Britsih police were setting up extremely intrusive surveillance measures, some as far as mini cameras pointing directly into the embassy. This began all while bizarre things going on at the locations neighboring the embassy as well.

Assange said there was immense pressure put on Wikileaks and Ecuador during this time, the country that has granted Assange political asylum. Assange’s full answer gives a much more detailed look into what was going on around October.

Assange: If I was taken out, Wikileaks would still continue to publish

One point Assange made explicitly clear in the AMA, is that even is Assange ceased to exist, Wikileaks would still continue its mission. After answering what happening in October, confirming that Wikileaks was not compromised, Assange continued to explain that there is no single point of failure in the organization.

“We’re setup to continue on regardless of what happens to me. No one person in WikiLeaks can become a single point of failure” Assange explained. “Why? Because we don’t want to fail, number one. Number two because if that person is perceived to be a single point of failure, it places that person in danger.”

Assange Speaks on the Wikileaks Twitter

Assange addressed another extremely popular questions that most supporters were dying to know, why the tone change in October? According to Assange, himself among a number of others manage the official Wikileaks Twitter. He said after his Internet was cut, it made it extremely difficult for his team to get input from him.

While this doesn’t entirely address why the Twitter seems to have gotten a little biased, it does definitely coincide, assuming the Twitter is a team effort.

Addressing Wikileaks Alleged Twitter DOX Plan

Wikileaks Task Force Verified Twitter

In the AMA there quite a few questions pertaining to the alleged Twitter dox plan. A headline that spun out of control after the Wikileaks Task Force asked users on Twitter:

Shortly after the Tweet went live, mainstream media writers took straight to their keyboards, publishing dozens of articles pushing the narrative that Wikileaks plan was to dox all verified Twitter users and publicly publish their information. Even after the task force made it clear that was never their intent, mainstream media kept peddling their headlines.

Assange finally addressed the headline, confirming it was a completely “false story.” The support group’s intent was to gather data points and craft a graph to expose who influences Twitter’s top influencers. This would have pertained to gathering information on top influencers investors and donations they received.

The group never proceeded any further than asking the question, however, the media misconstrued the tweet to epic proportions.

Assange Says RNC Info Obtained was Already Public

Another issue Assange cleared up was the RNC info they never published. Earlier in the year during the election cycle, Wikileaks said that they had received information on the RNC and were currently reviewing it. After Wikileaks had stated they received RNC information they suddenly went silent, not publishing the RNC info or talking about it further.

Assange said that after their publication had accurately reviewed the information, they had found it was already public. Meaning there was never any RNC leak, it was just public information recycled.

Why the Emails were Released in Phases

Many users hammered Assange over the release strategy of the emails, which one Reddit user best described as a “slow trickle.” Assange gave a quite detailed answer that outlined the publications strategy excellently.

Assange said their strategy was for as much exposure as possible. He first pointed out that dumping over 30,000 emails at one time would be far to much for any publication or human to handle. Making the leaks extremely ineffective. Second, he pointed out that Wikileaks has a system for supply and demand, ensuring that they never over saturate users.

Assange said Wikileaks wanted to ensure that there was enough demand to continue to supply the thousands upon thousands of emails on a consistent basis. The slow trickle allowed journalists and the public to delicately comb through the emails on a timely basis.

He continued, explaining that the publications algorithm, known as the Stochastic Terminator, was designed to be unpredictable. This way, media conglomerates would have a hard time spinning the publications in advanced, as they normally do.

This is why the Wikileaks publications were always sudden, containing an odd number of emails each time with some leaks dropping multiple days in a row, while others took several weeks to drop. This caused media organizations “crisis teams” and “war rooms” to be extremely ineffective.

Assange: Again, we have no affiliation with Russia or any foreign government

To clear up the entire mainstream media narrative, a number of Reddit users viciously asked Assange if Wikileaks has any type affiliation or influence from the Russian government? And to no surprise, Assange once again confirmed that they never have.

Assange said due to the publication’s credibility, the media has to make very targeted ad hominem attacks in an attempt to color the organization and everyone involved. It’s easy for anybody to see that Wikileaks is not controlled by Russian influence. If you go back just a few years ago to the Iraq logs and even years before, you can clearly see media painting Assange as some sort of covert agent for a different country every time.

Assange, once again, reiterated that Wikileaks has published more than 800,000 documents directly related to Russia and Vladamir Putin, most of which were critical. He has made it clear that the publication has zero government influence and is strictly funded by readers.

Assange Addresses the new moderators over at /r/Wikileaks

A couple of Reddit users asked Assange about the odd happenings over on the /r/Wikileaks subreddit. In October, after a sudden shakeup, 6 new moderators were suddenly added, and the entire subreddit took a noticeable nosedive.

Assange cleared up the air by confirming that Wikileaks has never controlled nor had any affiliation with the /r/Wikileaks subreddit.

Addressing the Mismatching hashes

One serious question many users asked Assange in the thread was what happened regarding the series of pre-commitment hashes that didn’t appear to match up at a later time.

“This is an obvious confusion promoted by the black-PR campaign against WikiLeaks and those it has manipulated,” Assange explained. “Pre-commitment hashes are not the same as download hashes. The pre-commmit hashes were issued in a completely different manner and are applied on decryption not before. So the ‘usual’ argument is an obvious falsehood.

“It also makes no motivational sense. Why would anyone publish obviously bogus hashes? The whole point is that they can be easily checked.”

Assange addressed the question, but there wasn’t much he could do to verify his statements without releasing the insurance torrent. He did give a plausible answer that could have cleared up the entire hash argument.

Assange gives verifiable Proof of Life

Assange has finally verified that he is alive by addressing recent topics that could not have been fabricated. First, Assange went and got the most recent block from the Blockchain and read it off live. After he read it out, someone on his team pointed out that he made a small error, Assange quickly fixed his error after a small laugh, noting this is how you know it’s real, “because of mistakes.” Great to see Julian be a little more light-hearted here.

Second, Assange read off the most recent sports scores from the night previous. Giving two strongly verifiable pieces of evidence that he is alive and in the embassy.


Assange did repeatedly thank everyone for the immense outreach to ensure that he was safe and alive. He even pointed out that he believes the intense pressure that the Internet had put on Assange and Ecuador is what eventually led to his Internet being restored.

Julian Assange did confirm that Wikileaks does have a tough year ahead of them and asked supporters to donate to help fight the cause. Rest easy, Assange is alive and well.

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  1. Whew! Thank you for adjusting the audio. I almost clicked out of it as I was unable to listen. Thank you for this video.
    BEST NEWS ? . . . He is alive and well !
    BAD NEWS ? . . . The powers that be continue to restrict his freedom and his ability to share his life with his family.
    No words could possibly express the appreciation felt by the outside world for his work, his courage, his determination in providing us with T R U T H! We are all living within a time when the mainstream media is reporting “fake news” as well as their usual dismissal and ignoring of what is REALLY going on. We are all so very fortunate to have Julian in the world and his contribution to the T R U T H!

    1. Yeah the intro the Assange’s AMA was very quiet, his people went ahead & adjusted it for him. And I totally agree, I don’t know if anything could explain how grateful the world is for Assange and his organizations work. Couldn’t agree more Sara, terrible they have kept him arbitrarily detained as well! Hopefully one day we can see Assange walk free and the sunlight shine bright on him!