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Anonymous Knocks Nissan Japan Offline to Protest Whale Hunting

Hackers associated with the online hacktivist group Anonymous have began ramping up their cyber-attacks against Japanese institutions in protest of the country’s seemingly unstoppable whale hunting.

Earlier today, the global website for Nissan Motor’s went down, making it the latest victim among a long list of organizations targeted by the pro-animal rights hacktivists. Anonymous has claimed responsibility for knocking out of a number of government-affiliated Japanese websites in protest of whale hunting.

The Japanese automakers website is still offline at the time of writing this article.

According to Bloomberg, the group of hackers targeted Nissan in part of their ongoing cyber-attacks against Japanese organizations to protest the country’s whale hunting. In December, Anonymous hacked Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Personal website for the same reason, and have claimed responsibility for taking down websites of other companies and government agencies throughout the country.

A few months ago Anonymous conducted a massive cyber attack against the government of Iceland, shutting down public access to nearly every Iceland government website against whale slaughter in the country.

Alongside that, in September the same group of hackers took down the website of Taiji in Wakayama Prefecture in protest of the town’s illegal hunting and storing of dolphins.

Nissan spokesperson Dion Corbett confirmed the automaker’s website was offline earlier today and stressed the company has no stance nor any connection with whale hunting.

“Because of a potential distributed denial of service attack, we are temporarily suspending service on our websites to prevent further risks,” Corbett said. “Nissan continuously monitors and takes aggressive steps to ensure the protection of our information systems and all of our data.”

Despite the continued aggravation and protests Japan has received, they continue to hunt whales using a loophole in an agreement they singed in 1986, allowing them to hunt whales for “scientific research.” Despite being shut down by the International Court of Justice in 2014, Japan began a new whaling program back in December 2015 with the objective to hunt 3,000 Antarctic minke whales over the next ten years.

Despite international criticism other countries are threatening to take legal action, however Japan claims that eating whale meat is part of its culture. However decades of over-hunting has left the species including blue, fin and humpback whales endangered. Japan however continues to abuse their loophole slaughtering an unknown amount of innocent and endangered whales.

Anonymous has dedicated themselves to protect animal rights around the world. In the past, the hacktivists have targeted X-rated animal abuse websites and even shut down the world’s largest animal abuse forum.

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