Jennifer Lawrence Wikipedia Page Hacked Revealing Nude Photo, Freedom Hacker
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Jennifer Lawrence’s Wikipedia Page Hacked Revealing Nude Photos

Jennifer Lawrence’s Wikipedia page was hacked early Tuesday, replacing Lawrence’s featured photos with nude photos of the actress leaked back in August.

The original photo that appears on Jennifer Lawrence’s Wikipedia page is a Creative Commons photo uploaded by Gage Skidmore, featuring an appearance Lawrence made at Comic Con 2013. After the hacker uploaded the leaked photos, the page returned to its normal state in less than 20 minutes.

Lawrence’s Wikipedia page is “semi-protected,” meaning to edit the page the page you have to be a registered member of Wikipedia. Lawrence’s page did have a legitimate edits made by users Wednesday, pertaining to comments the actress made to Vanity Fair regarding the hacked nude photos she had privately stolen from her.

A representative from the Wikimedia Foundation explained that at 21:52 UTC, a user uploaded the first stolen photo to the comment page that hosts the image files, keeping the same title as the original photo. The image was deleted 14 minutes later. Then at 22:12 UTC, the second stolen image was uploaded and deleted four minutes later. The account that uploaded the images was not associated with any Wikipedia editors, but was a sock puppet – a registered account made to look as though it is legitimate. To remove the stolen images posted in Lawrence’s Wikipedia page, a Wikipedia administrator deleted the comment page entirely and started it again, meaning all records of previous edits or file that existed are now completely deleted.

Earlier this year in August, Jennifer Lawrence was the target of hackers, who leaked nude photos of herself among many other starlet celebrities. The stolen celebrities revealing photos is ongoing and run under, The Fappening. Attackers hacked into celebrities iCloud accounts and harvested pictures for months prior to releasing them, allowing hackers to steal the photos from a number of well-known celebrities via a targeted attack.

Since the leak, lawyers have threatened to sue companies not involved for the ongoing leaks, among many other legal issues.

Jennifer Lawrence seems to be the largest ongoing target for hackers since the leak, and it appears hackers took to Wikipedia.


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