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Anonymous Hackers Attack Worlds Largest X-Rated Animal Abuse Forum

As part of the hacktivists ongoing operation to eradicate animal-abuse sites from the Internet, Anonymous hackers have taken down one of the worlds largest animal-related sexual abuse forums.

Just last week, Anonymous hackers defaced and removed several x-rated animal abuse websites across the web, pledging that the ongoing stop animal abuse operations would continue. Anonymous kept their promise, last week sending a massive Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack to the largest bestiality forum on the web today, knocking it offline.

Operation BEAST’s (#OpBEAST) intention is to bring light animal-abuse and countries laws regarding the practice. Anonymous hackers have been working around the clock to shut down and attack animal-abuse related sites. Keeping the operation active on Twitter, hackers are defacing and launching massive DDoS attacks against these forums, forcing them offline.

The collectives latest target was an x-rated animal abuse forum known for discussing animal-related sexual fantasies, tips, tricks, games and even pornographic images of users with their animals.

With nearly 1.5 million registered users, the animal-abuse forum is extremely well-known and is to be the largest bestiality forum on the web today.

Anonymous hackers launched their attack against the forum, taking the site offline for several hours while CloudFlare kept a live webpage stating the webserver was offline. Meaning, the server CloudFlare was protecting was presumably under a massive DDoS attack that led to the sites eventual shutdown.

Following the attack, an Anonymous user on Twitter noted the forum was down:

#Anonymous #OpBEAST Target https://t.co/Gr5aIsBogN lazer locked 3 2 1 FIRE! #TangoDown #RektIt #OpBF

— Anonymous (@_RektFaggot_) April 24, 2015

The animal-abuse forum Anonymous took offline has since returned, and Anonymous reported the forum to be using CloudFlare Enterprise, an enterprise DDoS-protection platform.

Anonymous has vowed to continue taking down animal-abuse sites and protesting on the street in countries where sexual animal abuse is legal. Countries Anonymous is targeting include Finland, Hungary and Romania. As of April 21, Denmark has officially ban bestiality throughout the entire country, effective immediately.

The operation which began in early April under the name, Operation Null Denmark (#OpNullDenmark), targeted the government of Denmark for its careless and almost non-existent bestiality laws. One of the collective’s initial goals was to pressure the nation of Denmark to reform its law regarding bestiality, which the collective successfully completed. But soon after, Anonymous members realized that sexual animal abuse stretched far beyond the walls of Denmark.

Hackers from all around the world have begun to join the hackers in the pro-animal rights operation. Anonymous has since hacked over 17 sites, defacing seven websites and removing 10 of them from the Internet entirely.

[Photo via Vincent Diamante/Wikimedia [CC BY 2.0]]

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  1. How stupid is this? In China they kill and eat dogs and cats and many are not even dead when they gey dropped into the deep fat fryer. THAT IS ANIMAL ABUSE. No hackers are going against that. This entire campaign is an ILLUMINATI PLOT. THe percentage of people engaging into “beastiality” is only around 1%. THe percentage engaed in some form of internet scam is around 3%. The percentage of governments attempting to block and control all is 100%.

    Let these hacking jerks prove themselves by hacking where it actually counts and stop going after nobodies and there cheap thrills.

    I am NOT impressed.

  2. I truly pray with hope that God protects and blesses these Anonymous individuals who step up to help, even when at risk to themselves.