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The Fappening Continues: Celebrity Lindsay Clubine’s Nude Photos Leaked Online

In the massive leak of hacked celebrity nude photos known as, The Fappening, the saga continues, this time leaking nude photos of Lindsay Clubine, model and wife of Boston Red Sox star Clay Bucholz.

Clubine took her anger to Twitter Tuesday, venting about the reveling photos of her that had been posted on the web earlier in the week, calling out the hacker who accessed all celebrities nude pictures from the beginning.

From a tweet that has since been deleted, Clubine said:

“A woman should be able to send her husband pics of herself with out fear of the whole world seeing them! iCloud hackers should be ashamed!!”

— Lindsay Clubine (@LindsayClubine) October 14, 2014

Shortly after Lindsay Clubine had her hacked nude photos leaked, she spoke with TMZ regarding the incident, revealing that it appears Bucholz’s phone was targeted in the apparent hack.

Clubine told TMZ she doesn’t blame her husband for storing the photos on his phone, “Clay and I are good,” she said “I send him pictures on the road.”

In the leak of revealing photos, Clubine stressed that the apparent hardcore pictures of her leaked online are in fact not her. Photos attached to a set had her name on it, but she made it clear none contained her.

“Those are pics on his phone that [a teammate] sent some of the guys that are NOT me,” Clubine explained.

As with other celebrities victimized in The Fappening, Clubine is pursuing legal action for any person or website found sharing her personal photos on the web.

“This is a terrible crime,” Clubine added. “I have my husband’s attorneys removing the picture. This is very upsetting to my family and I.”

Lindsay Clubine is the latest victim in the string of stolen celebrity nude photos leaked on the internet. The massive leak began back in August, when Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley CuoCo, Kate Upton among countless other celebrities had their nude photos leaked online. Since August, hackers have leaked nude photos of countless A-list celebrities on a irregular basis.

Shortly after Jennifer Lawrence was victimized, Kim Kardashian had her nude photos leaked online. In the weeks to come, high-profile celebrities including Cara Delevingne, Anna Kendrick, Nina Dobrev and Daisy Lowe were found with leaked photos online. Not only were countless women victimized, two men were direct targets to the hackers as well, including Nick Hogan and Matt Smith. Other men were found featured in the female celebrity leaks, but two men were found as direct targeted victims thus far.

The Fappening has been one of the largest growing leaks of all time, listing intimate photos of prominent celebrities online. Since the leak, Jennifer Lawrence has become the face for The Fappening, appearing to be not only face, but the spokeswoman behind it. She has made few comments but appears to be the main attraction for news stories worldwide.

Claims have come forward saying the apparent The Fappening is dieing. Now only leaking photos of D-list and unknown celebrities. Such claims cannot yet be assumed to be true as hackers claimed to have over 101 high profile celebrities photos that they mined for several months. Regardless of claims, well-known celebrities are still turning up victim to the apparent hack.

Shortly after what some named the “iCloud hack,” Apple swiftly responded to the accounts. Many blamed iCloud for having several sets of vulnerabilities inside, allowing hackers to gain access. Apple revealed that celebrities iCloud vaults were hacked due to weak passwords, nothing related to the widely popular cloud service. This prompted Apple to finally implement two-factor authentication into iCloud. Apple added additional security due to the countless demand after celebrities were found victimized.

This did not stop hackers, as they had mined the photos for months prior, reaping large amounts of photos from unknowing actresses.

The FBI is said to be investigating the hack, helping victimized celebrities crack down on the anonymous hackers behind the attack.

Not only did the Fappening prompt Apple and the FBI to respond, but also brought a lawsuit upon Google. Google? That is correct, powerful Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer claims Google is profiting “from the victimization of women,” threatening to sue to number one site in the world for $100 million.

What else hackers may have in store remains unclear as the leaks appear to turn up at unknown times. The hacker/s behind the attack also remains unknown. Currently there are no public leads to any identities that may been involved the leak.

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