'The Fappening 4': Nina Dobrev Among Other Celebrity Nudes Leaked
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‘The Fappening 4’: Nina Dobrev Among Other Celebrity Nudes Leaked Online, Including First Male

In part four of the ongoing celebrity nude photo leak, The Fappening, hackers have released the fourth wave of their wrath leaking nude photos of Victoria Secret model Erin Heatherton, actress Winona Ryder, television star AnnaLynne McCord, singer Ingrid Michaelson, actress Nina Dobrev, indie actress Zoe Kazan and their first male victim, reality star Nick Hogan (Hulk Hogans son).

The Fappening has been ongoing since late August, when hackers first leaked hacked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco among many others. Anonymous hackers claimed to have a ‘mega list’ of 101 actresses revealing photos. The list contains numerous starlet and ‘A-list’ celebrities. The alleged ‘mega-list’ did not contain names of any males, and nude photos of Nick Hogan and his past girlfriends have allegedly been leaked online.

The fourth wave of nude celebrity photos comes after a pending lawsuit filed October 1 by Marty Singer, a powerful Hollywood lawyer that represents a number of celebrities whose iClouds were hacked and nude photos were leaked online, had been filed towards Google. Singer wrote a letter to the Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, along with executive chairman Eric Schmidt and the company’s legal counsel, threatening to sue Google for a whopping $100 million for, according to Singer, “failing to act expeditiously and responsibly to remove the images,” and for “making millions and profiting from the victimization of women.”

Singers letter continues to say Google has failed to remove the personal photos of celebrities from the search engine after dozens of DMCA removal requests to de-index the photos from the search engine were denied. Singer claims his firm has filed countless requests to “remove the unlawful images,” yet the images still appear on Google-owned websites such as YouTube and Blogger.

“Google knows that the Images are hacked stolen property, private and confidential photos and videos unlawfully obtained and posted by pervert predators who are violating the victims’ privacy rights and basic human decency by stealing and displaying confidential private photos and videos (most of which depict the women in private settings, while nude or semi-nude, engaging in private intimate conduct) without the permission of the owners of the Images,” Singer wrote in his letter. “Yet Google has taken little or no action to stop these outrageous violations, or to limit the Images from appearing in Google search results.”

While the names of the women Singer represents remains unknown, the first male celebrity nude photos have been leaked. Pro-wrestler Hulk Hogans son, Nick Hogan, has had revealing photos of himself and past girlfriends leaked online according to TMZ. The alleged photos date back to Hogans high school years and feature former girlfriends.

TMZ also reported hacked iCloud images also contain photos of Nick Hogans mom, wearing revealing clothing as well.

Nick Hogan has said the photos are fake, but is believed to be the first male targeted in the attacks. Other men have been featured in celebs leaked photos, such as celebrity Kate Upton’s husband, Justin Verlander, but Hogan is believed to be the first male victim of the targeted attack.

Just last week model Cara Delevingne, actress Anna Kendrick, and eight other well known celebrities had their hacked photos leaked online. The week before that, Kim Kardashian among many others also had their hacked nude photos leaked online.

Apple claimed hackers were able to steal celebrities nude photos due to the celebrities choosing weak passwords, not a security hole in Apples iCloud service. Apple has since added two-factor authentication too add an extra layer of security to stop future attacks. Hackers claimed to have harvested celebrities nude photos for months before leaking them online.

Apple said hackers used targeted attacks to steal the revealing images, yet it still remains unknown how many more celebrity photos the hackers have or plan to leak. The FBI is said to be investigating the celebrity photo leak matter.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore on wikipedia.org.

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