DDoS Attack

Lizard Squad takes Call of Duty and Destiny Servers Offline with DDoS Attack

Hacking Group Lizard Squad, claims to be responsible for yet another high-profile Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack taking popular online games, Call of Duty and Destiny servers offline over the weekend.

Lizard Squad recently took credit for taking the Playstation Network (PSN) offline for a number of hours alongside Battle.net last month. Not only did the crew take down Sony’s Playstation Network, they rerouted PlayStation CEO, John Smedley’s plane with a bomb hoax, diverting it from its original destination causing an emergency landing.

DDoS attacks are a common type of attack hackers use to disrupt and take services offline. Attackers commonly use a large number of hacked servers or infected botnet machines and send a flood of requests to a server or website at one time, in hopes of overloading the server ending in the service begin taken offline. Attacks on large corporations are commonly diverted quickly, but can cause substantial damage.

In Lizard Squads most recent attack, the group took credit for taking popular game networks for Call of Duty and Destiny offline. Both users of the Playstation Network and Xbox Live reported the servers to be offline on September 20, appearing that the attacks targeted Bungie’s servers directly.

Several gamers reported to be disconnected in the middle of the game with an error message reading “cattle.”

After the service had been offline for a period of time, Lizard Squad took to Twitter taking credit for the attack.

The FBI is said to be investigating Lizard Squad’s ongoing activities.

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