Hackers Leak Photos of Celeb Daisy Lowe and Matt Smith, Freedom Hacker

Hackers Leak Nude Photos of Celebrities Daisy Lowe and Matt Smith

Part five on the ongoing, The Fappening, has struck once more, this time leaking nude photos of DOCTOR Who actress Daisy Lowe, and her ex-boyfriend Matt Smith.

Personal photos of the couples were leaked Friday, revealing personal photos the two had taken during the time of their relationship, which has since ended.

The two are the latest to fall victim to the celebrity nude leak scandal, which began in August when Jennifer Lawrence had her revealing photos leaked. Since the stolen hacked photo scandal, Lawrence has become the face of the privacy breach.

Other celebrities targeted in part five was Broadway Cinderella star KeKe Palmer, among unconfirmed others. The three named are named the most popular actors and actresses victimized in the leak.

The ongoing leaks of the stolen property has caused outrage among a multitude of communities. So much outrage powerful Hollywood lawyer, Marty Singer, filed a pending lawsuit against Google for $100 million. The reason behind the massive suit towards Google, according to Singer, is for “making millions from the victimization of women” and engaging in “blatantly unethical behavior.”

Singer represents a number of the women victimized in the leak, it is currently unknown which exact celebrities Singer represents. Many of the celebrities agree with Singers actions to file a suit against Google for not taking proper action to remove the photos from appearing in the search results.

Matt Smith is the second male that has been a direct target of the hackers. Just last week hackers targeted and leaked photos of Nick Hogan, Hulk Hogans son. Matt Smith the the second male victim of the “targeted attack.”

Leakers did not specify if this was part five or not, the leak was extremely small compared to the past four leaks. Many celebrities have had their personal privacy breached, and how many more victims photos the hackers may contain remains unknown.

Photo via Walterlan Papetti/Wikimedia Commons [CC BY 4.0]

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