Anonymous Hacks Animal Abuse Sites
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Anonymous Hacks and Removes X-Rated Animal Abuse Sites for #OpNullDenmark and #OpBEAST

Anonymous hackers have revamped a past operation pointed towards ending animal abuse, operating under tag #OpNullDenmark and #OpBEAST. The operation aims to raise awareness about animal-cruelty and sites promoting animal abuse/bestiality (sexual relations between an animal and person).

The operation is extremely active on Twitter, but a number of Anonymous hackers have taken matters into their own hands, launching Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks on the animal-abuse websites, taking them offline as well as defacing several domains.

Anonymous hackers even went as far as to remove the sites from the net, defacing over seven domains and removing six animal porn websites on April 13th, 2015. The sites that were removed are said to have been taken completely offline, presumably by hijacking the domain and turning the DNS offline.

Of the defaced domains, hackers left a message with their intended motive behind the attack, stating:

Anonymous Shuts Down Animal Abuse Sites

This Site Has Been Seized
We do not forget
We do not forgive
We are legion

An active social media account for the Anonymous operations, #OpNullDenmark and #OpBEAST, tweeted a link to a list of hacked and removed websites.

#Anonymous Take Down Animal Abusing X-Rated Websites #OpNullDenmark

— Anonymous Operations (@AnonOpsSE) April 13, 2015

The Anonymous hacking group has vowed to continue targeting animal abuse and animal sex sites, while also targeting the hosts and countries that allow the activity to continue legally.

Another active Anonymous Twitter handle aiding the operation listed various target websites in their tweets:

#OpNullDenmark #OpBEAST use this hashtag to stop cruel sexual acts against animals Targetbin:

— OpKillingBay (@OpKillingBay) April 18, 2015

The domains that have been hacked and removed have in fact been removed from the web. The domains no longer resolve, and their DNS it set to domain sale sites. The websites have been wiped clean, with either the Anonymous deface page or the domain listed for sale.

The domains appear to be in transfer, where the domain registry will either choose to sell them or turn the domain offline.

The operation is in full effect, running under hashtag, #OpNullDenmark, #OpBEAST, and #OpFunKill. The operation is ongoing and active Anonymous hackers are keeping the list of sites updated and continuing to rid the Internet of animal sex abuse sites across the web.

Update: A commenter has informed FreedomHacker that one of the domains was defaced via the site owner. The hackers had threatened the owner and the manager went ahead and uploaded the deface image himself. Though multiple domains have been hacked, this is likely not the case for every deface.

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  1. ummm couple things , i was involved in the defacement and we did not dns hijack it the owner got scared of us and we made him upload the image and not all of us involved were “Anonymous” :)