Best VPN’s of May 2014

Here is a list of the Best VPN’s of May 2014. This will be a new series every month directing you to a list of the best VPN’s. What qualifies as a “best VPN” for the month? Our number one concern is privacy. Every VPN on this list has a proven track record and does not record logs of any kind, as far as we know. The labeled providers do not censor any service, protocol, or network. Read our VPN Provider Interview catalog to find your provider if you want to know more about them. All VPN’s on this list are proven providers and are not providers we wouldn’t personally use. Here is a list of the best VPN’s of may 2014.

If you want to encrypt your whole network on a VPN, look into a VPN router. We did a review on Flashrouters, a VPN routing company. Take a look at Flashrouters for reliable VPN routing. Regardless, these are VPN’s respect privacy and all providers listed here are providers we would personally use. We do not promote garbage, nor will we ever!

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  1. Thanks for the list , you can also check other vpn providers such a strongvpn, switchvpn, boxpn they are also pretty decent VPN providers with great customer service.

    1. Hey thanks for the recommendations. I have not personally tried them, but both do seem trusted. I have done interviews with boxpn and switchvpn if you are interested in them.


      But I would not personally recommend StrongVPN. Yes they are a huge VPN, but they have ignored any help request, or interview request I have put forward to them. They have ignored every type of inquiry I have sent. Thats my personal experience, but the other two defiantly seem trusted.