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What is a SeedBox

What is a SeedBox?

What is a SeedBox?

You may hear a lot about these on torrent sites, or have just seen them around. The simplest way to explain a SeedBox is to say it is your torrent client in your webrowser. But, what makes a seedbox so great? What does it do? What are all these features people are talking about. Well, a SeeBox is your torrent client in your browser as I already said, but that client is connected to a server. So what happens is your torrent is put into a server in another location, and it downloads/leeches, and seeds from that server. So, no downloading or seeding is done from your side, it is all inside this server. But, if your torrent is inside another server how does it get to you? Well, you connect to the server. You may hear the word “FTP” a lot on the same site you heard about the SeedBox. So, what “FTP” is or does, is it transfers the file to you securely. So what you would do, is get an FTP Client, something like FileZilla. So, you connect to your server via FileZilla or your chosen client, and you download it. But on top of that, when you download it with FileZilla, they have FTP built in, so it encrypts the download. So no prying eyes can see what you are downloading. Your Internet Service Provider will see (df7894df5631d), instead of BackTrack 5 begin downloaded/torrented.

So, what are the benefits of this SeedBox. Well, number one, it downloads to a server. Usually a foreign server located somewhere such as France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Russia, etc. So, this means depending on the country’s laws it is not illegal for them to hold certain files. Depending on what you are downloading, anything from Linux torrents (legal), to a movie (illegal). But, just because these files are in that SeedBox, it doesnt make it legal to transfer the illegal files to your computer, depending on your country’s laws. Such as the USA (movies, games, etc.), it is not legal here, but somewhere such as, Russia (movies, games, etc.) it would be legal there. Number two is the speeds. When you get one of these SeedBoxes, as I said above, it is usually in a foreign country. So a large server in another country leaves speeds to be extremely fast. You may see anything from 10Gbit server, to 100Mbit servers. The most common are 10Gbit ports/servers (Speeds can get up to 1 gigabyte per second), 1Gbit ports/servers (Speeds can get up to 100MegaBytes per second), and 100Mbit ports/servers (Speeds can get up to 10 megabytes per second). So that means that when you put the .torrent file inside the server, it will download at fast speeds. On a 1Gbit server you will most likely get 30-50Megabytes per second depending on your SeedBox provider, and person seeding. But a downside is, depending on  your provider they may load the SeedBox with several users. This means that you can have a SeedBox to yourself, or you can have 100’s of random people loaded onto the server with you (depending on who you purchase it from). Which means on a 10Gbit Shared server, instead of getting the 1 gigabyte promised, you may really only be getting 3 megabytes per second. Speeds can depend on the seeders too, but be careful who you purchase from. Always email the provider with questions if the package does not say how many people are loaded on each server. Another benefit is you get storage space on the seedbox too. A lot of packages offer 100 gigabytes, to 1 terabyte. This is the amount of files you are allowed to hold. So, you can load up 100 gigabytes of files, or however much space your box has. Along with the space, if you have ever downloaded a large torrent, and seen it is a .rar. That means you have a large torrent zipped up, and you have to unzip the torrent. Which takes up twice the space till you delete the .rar. A lot of SeedBoxes have a unrar”er”/unzipper built in. So you can download a large .rar torrent, and unzip it via the server, and then transfer the unzipped files to your computer.  And the last benefit is that it is not on your connection. So, you can seed for days, weeks, months, and even years on the SeedBox and your home internet will not be affected. This is more secure as your IP address is not shown to strangers, your files are encrypted from everyone but yourself, and your home connection wont be affected or seen by anyone. So you are seeding at high speeds for others, and securely too!

So in the end a SeedBox is an all around good deal. All downloads are encrypted via FTP, speeds are fast, and none of it is done from your home connection. It may be a few bucks, but in the end, it is a great deal.

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