Quick and Easy fix for "No Internet Access", Freedom Hacker

Quick and Easy fix for “No Internet Access”

Quick and Easy fix for “No Internet Access”

Ever get the pesky yellow triangle on your “Network and sharing center” icon  network and sharing center? Then it tells you “No Internet Access” or “No Internet Available” when you are clearly connected. This had been happening to me the past couple days, and none of the guides online worked. Finally I had been tinkering around with it, and I found a way. Assuming you have your computer connected to the internet, and it says can’t connect, there is an easy fix. One of the easiest ways I found was to go to my

control panel

control panel, Freedom Hacker

Then go to Network and Internet (inside control panel)

network and internet, Freedom hacker

Proceed to Network and Sharing center

network and sharing center, Freedom Hacker

Then hit “Change adapter settings

change adaptor settings

Now you will need to find your adapter.  In the picture below I have a couple. One is a VPN driver, the other two are for a Virtual Machine. Then I have a built in Wireless card, and an external wireless card. I disabled my built in card, and am using a wireless card. So, find the card your computer is using. It may be oddly named, but it is probably it (if you apply the fix in this guide onto other adapters on accident it won’t harm them. It may potentially help them)

properties, Freedom hacker

Click on Properties, and yes if it prompts you. Then head over to “Internet Protocol version (your number here)

use following dns, freedom hacker

You may have an IP automatically set, but this is the problem. Go to both your Internet Protocol versions and set them to automatic

obtain IP automatically, Freedom Hacker

You should see this in the network bar spin and it should work. This guide may not work for everyone as you may have some settings off or on. But, it has worked for me, and many people I know who had problems. If the problems persist, you can always check here and here.

network and sharing center


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  1. Hi Brandon,
    I had been happy and care-free until I received a notice from my ISP saying they received a complaint about me downloading copyrighted material. That alert prompted me to investigate what is the safest way to connect online. After going through a ton of websites, I came across FH. I usually don’t spend the time to compliment folks but you deserve a compliment for the info in your site. It is current, well written and easy to understand,
    I hope you keep up the good work,