FlashRouters Review - Asus N66U TomatoUSB, Freedom Hacker
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FlashRouters Review – Asus N66U TomatoUSB

FlashRouters Review

A secure router is one step to securing your online connections. Many routers have holes, exploits, and are just flat out cheap. These issues may lead to hackers stealing data, exploits begin used against you, or your router overheating. These issues could lead to poor security, and leave you with overall slow performance. If you have decent internet speed, you may not be unlocking the full potential due to having an outdated router, or just not enough power. FlashRouters changes the game, FlashRouters is the key to unlocking full performance, security, and speed.

My Background with Routers

For begin a cyber security enthusiasts, routers was one of my main downfalls. While using a stock router for my ISP I had no idea how to do anything with a router. I didn’t know how to access my admin panel, check my ports, check who was using my internet, or do anything. I just plugged it in, and hoped for the best. Now while using a stock router and having a minimum of 15-20 devices connected 24/7 using bandwidth like water, I ran into many problems. I would run into constant chalky speeds, decreased performance, resetting of my router at least twice a day, amongst many other problems. This wasn’t my internet providers fault as the connections never dropped, and speeds would get chalky only when a lot of devices were begin used. For a stock router, 15-20 devices is a lot to handle. Now while having no previous router experience, FlashRouters changed everything.

Choosing my FlashRouters

While initially finding FlashRouters, I had no previous experience. I had seen routers at big box retailers, but some ran $300+ dollars. In this day, that is not quite cost effective for what I was looking for. While first seeing FlashRouters I was a bit hesitant with all the DD-WRT, and Tomato routing terms. Looking them up a bit, I had an idea, but not sure what router was for my needs. While studying cyber security and just browsing the web, I am always using a VPN 24/7. I went ahead and opened a support ticket asking what would be the best VPN router, to handle intensive bandwidth sessions 24/7. I was met with a blazing fast response from the support team. They informed me on what would be best, and a little information about the firmwares. We continued chatting, and found a resolution for my needs, the Asus RT-N66U Router TomatoUSB FlashRouter – RM. The support desk informed me that tomato firmware runs OpenVPN protocols better than DD-WRT. During checkout I noticed I was only able to choose one VPN provider from the list, while I use a large amount of VPN’s I had send in another support ticket. The only reason FlashRouters asks what VPN provider you use, is so they can send you the setup instructions for that VPN. Setup instructions can be found on the VPN providers website, FlashRouters does not host the files for numerous reasons. While choosing a common VPN provider I continued my checkout. In the notes I left a large list of VPN providers I use. The checkout was simple, and my order was sent out the day of.

FlashRouters Delivery and Set-Up

Upon delivery instructions to almost all the VPN’s I had listed were in the box. The instructions are very simple, and allow for a seamless setup. Upon arrival I opened my VPN router and was met with a Ethernet cable, the router, and the power cord. After plugging everything in I noticed I did not have Ethernet ports in my wall. In the end I had to end up hooking up my new router, into my old router via an Ethernet cable (I was informed this does not decrease performance by a noticeable amount).

FlashRouters Dual Link, Freedom Hacker

Upon setup I had gone into the admin panel and broke a setting (I went to far into a panel I didn’t know). I contacted FlashRouters support, they connected to my computer remotely, helped me reset the router, plug everything in, and get it up and running. While connected I asked them to help me set up a VPN. Sure enough, the support setup the VPN within just a few minutes. Once disconnected everything was up and running.

FlashRouters Performance

Coming from a stock router to the FlashRouter there was a noticeable difference. FlashRouter speeds were impeccable. Connecting all my devices to the new network was simple. Just type in the password I personally set, and the internet was working fine. While the Asus RT-N66U Router TomatoUSB FlashRouter – RM is quite large, it can handle a beating. While continuing my usual activities of streaming, blogging, browsing the web, amongst hundreds of other tasks, the FlashRouter delivered nothing but power. Instead of having to reset the router, or sit through capped speeds due to to many devices, I was met with no issues. The FlashRouters took a lot of issues out of my web browsing experience. Not only did it take the pain out of my online experience, it also saved me a lot of time and troubleshooting with VPN configuration. While VPN setup is simple on the computer, VPN setup is NOT simple on consoles, streaming devices, and some mobile devices. Amongst the following, it is also not easy to get others to use a VPN while on your connection. The FlashRouters built in OpenVPN configuration simplified it all. While sticking a fast VPN provider onto my router, I was met with security, and speed. Having devices stream through the VPN by default took a lot of hassle off of security. While not only taking the hassle off, it routed everyone that joined the networks devices through the VPN. FlashRouters delivers promising performance, while maintaining security.

FlashRouters Tomato Firmware and Admin Panel

While not having a tomato based router in the past, I am not completely sure what the admin panel would entail, but the FlashRouters panel is very simple and easy to work with.

FlashRouter Tomato Admin Panel, Freedom Hacker

While I am not using the router for anything intensive at the moment, all stats are labeled right on the initial entrance page. Uptime, day, the load on the router, along with a couple of other notifications. While in the Admin panel you can check what devices are using the router, this can help and prevent unwanted access by removing the user from the network, or changing the password. The admin panel has great features some including, how much bandwidth you use (live, daily, weekly, monthly chart), easy port forwarding, bandwidth limiter, VPN tunneling, and reboot right from the admin panel. The admin panel is easily accessed by anyone on the network. Enter into any browser, enter the custom username and password (default is: admin, admin), and the admin panel is easily utilized. It can be accessed on mobile, tablets, and computers. The router can be reset wirelessly by accessing the admin panel too. Which makes setting up a new VPN, and rebooting the router simple.

FlashRouters Security

While FlashRouters is based on routing power, its also based on security. FlashRouters has numerous security features. The best one begin the ability to route the whole router through a VPN. While not only allowing a VPN to route through the router, FlashRouters allows PPTP, and OpenVPN protocols. The OpenVPN protocol is the only realistic choice, as it is far more secure. On top of the VPN routing, the admin panel is extremely easy to use. The admin panel allows for users to set their own passwords, and different passwords for initial login, network line 1, and network line 2. Instead of having to remember a long set of numbers, a custom secure password can be set. FlashRouters security enhancements are a step up from traditional routing.

FlashRouters Support

Flashrouters has a stellar support team. With friendly, fast, and professional technicians, the ticket system is unbeatable. FlashRouters will not only help you set up and configure the router fully, but set up and configure all VPN’s. As long as your router has support, the company will set up the router for you. FlashRouters comes with 3 months of support for free, and it can be extended if desired.

FlashRouters Review Overall

Overall starting from knowing nothing about router security, to getting a security based router, there is a difference. FlashRouters not only simplified my routing experience, but made it painless. No more chalky speeds, having to reset the router, or having to custom configure VPN’s for separate devices, the FlashRouters does it all for me while adding a layer of security. With very friendly price points you cant go wrong with a FlashRouter. FlashRouters is defiantly a must have router.

Check out the official FlashRouters website here!

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  1. Got the same router back in April ’14, the router does rock and it was truly a plug and play. But read the instructions to be on the safe side.
    Tech support in my opinion does rock, recently I’ve had to get in contact with them because of an issue I was having, between them and my vpn support, figured out the problem. But learning from my vpn provider that I can run both clients simultaneously, but both clients can’t run Open VPN protocols.
    So I’ve contacted both my vpn provider and flashrouters on the benefits of running 2 clients with of course different protocols simultaneously.
    My experience with them was superb, fast shipper. Now my internet speeds have taken a pounding due to using vpn service and read that was to be expected, but getting that security and freedom and my ISP totally in the dark when it comes to my surfing activities gives me a piece of mind.

  2. I bought a Netgear 7000 router flashed with dd-wrt from FlashRouters a couple of months ago. I didn’t have any technical problem with the flashing and said so in my feedback to them. However, I added a comment about my dissatisfaction with their support when I asked them to look at how I configured the router for attached hard drive. The support guy said that they didn’t cover that and refused to comment. I reiterated in an email that I wasn’t asking for any sort of guarantee from them, just a look from them to see if I had done anything that was obviously stupid. I was referred to the fine print on their website that states that they are only responsible for the flashing. There were several emails back and forth and the support guy absolutely refused to look at the screen shot I sent to him.
    So, keep in mind that the flashing voids your warranty so you don’t have access to the manufacturer for questions and FlashRouters will only answer limited questions. They will not even give an opinion when you say in writing that you won’t expect them to guarantee their answer.
    One last comment is that my feedback never got posted on their website so I suspect that all of those 5 star reviews have been cherry picked. I never got an email or call back to check on the complaint I made either.
    Their website makes it sound as if they are just a friendly bunch of tech-savvy people that will be more than happy to help you with your router. Not so in my case. Be sure to read the fine print.

    1. Well the fine print is generally there for a reason, but it seems quite obvious that flashing over their own flashed firmware would void the warranty. The router comes pre-flashed, and modifying it would void the warranty. That is common with most every item on the market, regardless if it’s related to tech or not.

      If it was not pre-flashed, do you mind explaining more? I am a bit confused. The review may have also been deleted or marked as spam as it is technically stated in the fine print. I am not agreeing with their actions, but the Terms of Service and policies are there for legitimate reasons, and you cannot be upset when they model after those standard. That is why they are implemented.

      I think Flashrouters just abided by their terms, but please comment with any other information you desire, we would be more than happy to discuss this in our comment section.