Join Reset the Net to Turn off Global NSA Surveliance, Freedom Hacker

Join ‘Reset the Net’ to Turn off Global NSA Surveillance

The NSA has taken over and corrupted the Internet. On June 5th, Freedom Hacker will join Reset the Net, we hope you’ll join us too.

June 5, is the one-year anniversary of when ex NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, leaked NSA surveillance documents. While organizations such as EFF have been fighting the NSA for years, in 2013, Edward Snowden marked a huge success in the battle against NSA surveillance. Leaked documents made it clear why privacy activists care, and why others need to.

Surveillance affects everyone, in the United States and worldwide. Millions of innocent citizens across the world have had their digital communications consumed by the NSA dragnet unknowingly. Former NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake described ex NSA chief General Keith Alexander’s surveillance philosophy: “He is absolutely obsessed and completely driven to take it all, whenever possible.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald has reported the NSA’s surveillance policy as, “Collect it all, sniff it all; know it all, exploit it all”. Along with the ‘collect it all’ policy, the NSA has strategically implemented tactics such as deploying malware across the web, trying to weaken encryption and utilizing other sophisticated attack techniques to lessen the security of the internet.

Global surveillance implemented in the internet is a lethal combination. The Internet is a powerful free tool that is used for innovation, creativity, and allows open free press, but is begin suppressed by oppressive government spying.

This is why Freedom Hacker along with dozens of others are taking action to Reset the Net. On June 5th, Reset the Net asks everyone to help by installed tools that help protect your privacy on a computer or mobile device. Reset the Net is also calling on developers to install surveillance resistant features, such as HTTPS, HSTS, and forward secrecy.

Don’t wait for your privacy and freedom, take it back! Help Reset the Net on June 5th!

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