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Why Care About the N.S.A.?

Why Care About the N.S.A.?

One of the main questions we get everyday is “Why care about the N.S.A.?”  We always hear “I have nothing to hide”, “They won’t track me out of the 300-400 million Americans”, or simply “Who Cares”? There is a lot wrong with N.S.A. spying, and there is even more wrong when an individual lets it happen. There are many videos and articles going over why N.S.A. spying is a threat. You may even be sick of hearing about it. But, if you keep hearing about it, don’t you think it may be important? Don’t you think it may be a critical problem? Don’t you think there may be a bigger issue you aren’t seeing? Don’t you think it might be a threat to everyone?

Why care about spying?

This will cover why statements such as “why care”, or “I have nothing to hide” are a threat to our rights. Spying first off, is illegal. And if they are spying on other countries while under the United States of America’s jurisdiction, its still illegal. The N.S.A. has no right to spy on any country, or individual, anywhere (unless they have a fully compliant legally obtained warrant for an individual or group). The N.S.A. has been sued on multiple accounts by EFF, smaller companies, and even bigger corporations for spying on individuals, and even individuals out of their jurisdiction. But, the N.S.A. is part of United Stated Government and most of the time they think they are above their own laws. So in turn, they continue to keep spying on Americans, even after begin sued on multiple accounts. But, on the topic of caring, there is more than is just begin illegal. They are creating profiles on EVERYONE. They have in fact even started harvesting and building profiles on people who watch internet pornography. Everyone is begin targeted. It’s not surprise they track big websites, such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, and many other big corporations that hold a lot of sensitive data. Even if you don’t use social networks, and just browse the web, they are still tapping into your service providers lines. Internet Service Providers such as AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, and many others have bee caught complying with the N.S.A.’s illegal spying. No matter where you go, or what you do, you are begin spied on. Your rights are begin infringed on. Yes YOU! Every individual has personal profiles built on them, and the N.S.A. has that at their fingertips. All of this information can be used against you at anytime the N.S.A. feels it necessary. The N.S.A. cares about all individuals who chooses to lay down their rights. It lets them know that there will be no retaliation if they continue to pursue actions as they are today. But, at the moment the N.S.A. is getting major heat. The reason for seeing so much news coverage on it, and so much talk about it, is because it matters. Media broadcasters are not safe from N.S.A. spying, politicians are not safe from N.S.A. spying, journalists are not safe from N.S.A. spying, and YOU are not safe from N.S.A. spying. Everyone is a target all the time. The video below goes over why you should care about the N.S.A. Its a very informative and important video that goes over why you need to care, and why you should care.

At the end of the day, no one is safe

At the end of the day, no one is safe from the illegal spying. Even if they media told you the N.S.A. spying was good, helpful. or used to stop terrorist attacks, those reporters are not safe from it. The reporters, their family’s, and their friends are still targeted by PRISM and dragnet services. The only people that are safe are the ones running the show, top tier politicians, and billionaires lobbying the government. The recent revelations show that even porn users are a target for the N.S.A. What area will they attack next?

How to picture surveillance if you don’t understand

If you don’t really understand how the surveillance programs work, there are many other ways of explaining it. What the N.S.A. is doing is equal to someone walking around and recording you all day. Imagine a camera man that stands in front of you, captures everything you say, do, see, where you go, and how you do things. But imagine there is nothing you can do to stop this camera from seeing, watching, and recording you. But what if you could avoid it?

How to avoid N.S.A. surveillance

There are many ways to avoid the N.S.A. surveillance methods, and programs. I use the word avoid, as there is no way right now we can stop it. We can avoid, and obstruct the N.S.A. from viewing what we are doing, but there is no methodology right now to stop it. If we push forward and keep obstructing the N.S.A. they will have to keep pushing harder and harder, and will continue to get sued, and eventually a full on cyber war will engage. I will list some ways below on how to avoid N.S.A. spying

1. Get a VPN – A VPN obstructs or encrypts ALL your internet traffic. It basically makes you anonymous online, and your Internet Service Provider will not be able to see what you are viewing online. Check out our list of trusted VPN providers here!

2. Don’t get tracked by the invisible web – Stop all the trackers inside websites from tracking you. Most companies have third party providers pick up your data and hold onto it. After that, the website has no control over what the third party does with that data.

3. Use a Search Engine that take Privacy Serious – Recently Google, and Yahoo’s data centers have been tapped into by the N.S.A. Using a search engine that will respect your privacy, and not opt you into a surveillance dragnet is vital. Try using the DuckDuckGo search engine for just one week.

4. Become privacy conscious – I could go on and on about how to avoiding N.S.A. surveillance, but in the end, its up the the individual. Begin privacy conscious is one of my best pieces of advice. Just be informed, know whats going on, and value your own privacy.

If your not fighting for everyone’s rights, be ready to be stripped of yours

As David Sirota stated in the video above, “If you don’t speak up for everybody’s rights, you better be ready for your own rights to be trampled when you least expect it.” This is completely true. The internet is a vast area, and should not be a free-for-all. We are all humans, and we need to stand for collective rights. Your neighbors rights, are the same as your rights. Your rights are the same as my rights. Citizens need to stand as a collective against spying. Don’t only think about yourself, because before when you least expect it, everyone’s rights will be gone, including yourselves. Individuals rights are important, WE need to protect them.


There is no way to tell what the N.S.A.’s future will hold. Will there be another Snowden? Will whistle blowing become common? The future will be pure speculation. But, we will continue to see media cover this topic since its a big deal, and we are pushing so hard against it. Keep fighting the cyber war, because when you lay down and get stripped of your rights, there is no one to blame but yourself.

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