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Why we need to stand up for Internet Freedom

Why we need to stand up for Internet Freedom

Why we need to stand up for Internet Freedom. Why do we need to stand up for Internet Freedom? A lot of people don’t know, but at the moment, your Freedom of technology is slowly begin revoked. The new surveillance program PRISM is taking away our rights to privacy. The “new” program has been in act for over a decade. The program was just now public, after Edward Snowden blew the whistle on it. If you are unaware Snowden, an American former technical contractor, and CIA employee, confirmed that the the NSA has been illegally wiretapping, and illegally spying on us for years. For wiretapping to be legal, the FBI has to

have a warrant for the data they specifically want. The FBI, CIA, and NSA have illegally collected all of our data and logged it in massive servers. Everything you have done years and years ago is still at the governments fingertips. You can watch the Edward Snowden interview below

 His motive was not to ruin the government as seen above. His motive was to show people that the government has been illegally spying on us for years. In reality, it was to wake people up, and show that what is happening is real. In the interview Snowden said he could wiretap the president, and that he even had access to all the CIA databases. This shows that his motive was not to exploit the government, and start an all our war. But in reality, it was to show you what your government us doing to you. The full PRISM documents can not be fully found yet, but they are floating around on the internet somewhere.

This goes to show that the government does not care about our rights as they never have. But, we need to stand up for our internet freedom or they are gonna keep pushing programs, bills, and even laws much worse than this. We won the fight against SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, and CISPA for the moment, lets resist the PRISM program. If we stand down, and let them take our rights they will feel they can push more and more on us. Even if you are not in the U.S.A. these do affect you. If PRISM succeeds in America, then they can push it to other countries. If it succeeds there, they will push SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, and CISPA on all countries. Do not stand down to the tyrants, stand up and show them that we will not stand for this.

I have nothing to hide, who cares about all these laws, and progams?

The big argument is, “Who cares? I have nothing to hide.” This is not the mindset to have. It does not matter if you do or do not have anything to hide. This is a violation to our constitutional rights. Once they have us under heavy surveillance, they will have computers closely monitor every action you commit and log it. They will have big data banks of you. They will have Your name, Address, Phone Numbers, GEO location, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, and list of every action your commit. Sounds far fetched? Well so does the NSA spying on us and keeping it in big data banks, but the official documents show otherwise. Do you want re-blogging, re-tweeting, and expressing yourself on the internet to be illegal?

The internet is a portal for anonymity. On the internet you can be thousands of different people. You can be different on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and other social networks. But you can especially be a different person off social networks. Do you want to not be anonymous while blogging? Do you want all your searches to be public? Next time you search about that rash you have, do you want it going into YOUR big public profile of online? Do you want YouTube, and Google to censor about %90 of their content? Do you want to not be able to chat with people from other countries? Do you want your favorite websites to be marked as dangerous and illegal? Do you want most sites providing videos begin shut down (YouTube, Vimeo, and Adult websites)? With these bills coming into play, you have a lot to think about?

What can I do to prevent these, or stop these bills? How can I protect our Internet Freedom?

As it is seems hard to find ways to stop these bills, it is pretty easy. One of the easiest ways if making people aware these programs exist. You reading this is one of the few things I am doing to resist this bill. Tell your friends and family, get the word out to as many people as possible. This program is already in act, so lets show them that we will resist no matter what it takes.

Another easy step is to use a browser that supports your right to privacy. Mozilla FireFox is one of the most secure browsers out there. Mozilla also does not support any of these bills. On days the bills go into office, Mozilla has large petitions and blackouts to resist these bills.

Use a search engine that respects and takes your privacy serious. If you follow that link, you can find many ways for your searches to remain anonymous.

Use an eMail provider that respects your privacy. With Yahoos new terms of service, it makes it mandatory that Yahoo scans all of your emails, and targets you. Use services like TorMail, or StartMail to receive emails. Also, if you know anyone who owns a website, you can ask for a personalized email from them. My site freedomhacker.net, allows me to have emails @freedomhacker.net. My main contact email is author[at]freedomhacker[dot]net. The email can only be seen by me since I run the server, and run the website. Ask a friend if he or she owns a site, and see if you can get a secure email.


Get a VPN. This is a big one I stress on a lot! A lot of people are saying getting a VPN is just begin scared and hiding. No, getting a VPN shows them that you will not allow them to take your rights. A VPN encrypts all your data, only you can see this data. Your internet provider, the government, and the VPN provider can not view your data. Everyone gets an encrypted version of it. Your data is only seen by you. A VPN will show the government that they cannot take your right to privacy. This will show them you will not stand for what is illegally begin pushed on you. Only you should see your data. You should use PrivateInternetAccess. They are one of the few VPN’s that take anonymity very serious, and respect your privacy. Get a subscription with a VPN before PRISM, or any other bill makes it illegal.

Do you want expressing yourself online to be illegal? The internet is your portal to anonymity, and its your choice to take a stand. We have all worked this hard to get the internet to where it is today, and we are gonna let these terrorist take it away from us with one click? The ones that dont understand the internet are the ones calling the shots. The world wide web allows for the flow of information and education, we would not be where we are today without the internet. These programs are not to stop terrorists, unless you consider an average American a terrorist. Stand up for your rights, and stand up for Americas rights, because if you don’t, they will come for you next. This is why we need to stand up for internet Freedom.

Do not relinquish your rights. Stand up to tyranny. Mask your online identity to show they cannot take it. Do not hide, stand up and resist!

What are you doing in this time of great challenge?

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