Here is a list of VPN Providers we recommend. Before choosing a provider please be sure to READ their privacy and TOS (Terms of Service) statements. To remain secure and anonymous you should go with a company who chooses NOT to log any IP addresses or logs them for a small period of time. Preferred providers will be marked with an asterisk (*). Click on the name to be directed to the VPN’s official website. (Updated: August 4, 2023)


Click on the VPN name to be redirected to the official website.
* – This marks recommended VPNs.
– VPNs that accept Bitcoins.
cheap seedbox-This marks VPNs that have a plan less then 7$ a month.

NordVPN (**) – Our #1 VPN for over 4 years now, top of the line encryption, located in the Panama  & only $3.71/month!!
ExpressVPN (*) – A truly premium VPN
Private Internet Accesscheap seedbox (*) – Best budget VPN, detailed review.
AirVPN (*)
CryptoStorm  – Structurally anonymous, token-based VPN service.
SaferVPN — Interview here!
Zorrovpn Get a 10% discount with code FREEDOMHACKER
Anonine cheap seedbox
Mullvad – Interview here.
Azirevpn cheap seedbox

Here is a list of Free VPN’s but be VERY CAREFUL using these products. Most of them will log, or secretly log since you are not paying. These providers can also be very very slow. I would never recommend using a free VPN, but here is a list for last resort chances