Remain anonymous while torrenting
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3 Easy Ways to Download Torrents Anonymously

Filesharing has increasingly been on the rise as one of the primary ways to share content on the web, for the simple fact that it’s easy, fast, and doesn’t rely on one single source. More specifically in filesharing, the peer-to-peer networking aspect has been on the rise, again for the fact that it makes it fast, easy, and free for everyone to distribute content.

No longer do the distributors of open-source content need to pay for bandwidth on servers, instead we’ve moved towards a more decentralized method. Within peer-to-peer networking falls bittorrent, one of the most popular and continually growing ways to share content across the web. However, while we are all jolly sharing free content, not everyone in these torrent swarms are friendly. Not only that, but some network administrators have actually gone as far as to ban bittorrent traffic, taking away a great method of sharing content.

With these problems comes the need for privacy and anonymity, which is why we are going to show you three simple methods to remain anonymous while downloading torrents. All of these methods can bypass restrictions and help you remain anonymous.

1.Use a VPN (Optimal)

The number one way to keep you secure and anonymous while downloading torrents is a VPN. In short, a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to seamlessly appear from all over the world, hiding your IP address and encrypting your web traffic. Without getting to technical, a VPN service will integrate a bunch of security features into servers scattered across the world, the company then allows you to connect to that server, appear from that location and get the added security benefits.

A VPN can provide an array of anonymity features such as masking your IP address, encrypting your connection and securing your DNS requests. These three features are key for anonymity and privacy while torrenting. Below we have a list of the best VPN’s for torrenting.

Anonymous VPN for torrenting
  1. Private Internet Access – Cheap, fast, secure & works on all systems
  2. ExpressVPN – Top quality encryption
  3. NordVPN
  4. AirVPN

*I would like to mention that some of the links above are affiliate links, however, this has not affected the way we rank these VPN’s for torrenting. Securing our readers with a legitimate service is our concern, not how much affiliate commission a VPN provider can pay us.

2. Use a Seedbox (Serious Torrenters Only)

Seedbox Anonymous Torrents

And for those looking to take their torrenting to the next level, a seedbox is your best solution. What is this seedbox you ask? Well, a seedbox is nothing more than a high-powered server strictly dedicated to torrenting. Generally, a company will rent out dedicated servers and install a bittorrent client that can be accessed via your webbrowser. From there it’s general torrenting, you upload torrents to the server, but this is where it gets exciting, speed! Seedboxes can drastically range in speeds, though a vast majority of seedbox servers are run on either a 100mbit line (10MB/s), 1Gbit line (100MB/s) or 10Gbit line (1GB/s.) Now that you have this high-powered network dedicated to torrenting, the seedbox will continue to upload and download your files 24/7/365, as long as the torrent is marked active

Now if you get a quality seedbox provider they should offer SFTP, which will automatically encrypt all your downloads from your seedbox. Thus again, not allowing your ISP or network administrator to see what you’re downloading. Again, we have a list of quality seedbox providers below. Only one link is an affiliate, however, this has not affected the way we ranked them. There are a lot of garbage seedbox providers out there, please be careful.


3. Use a proxy (Unsafe)

Our last method is to use a proxy, but we also don’t recommend it. Why? To keep it short, it’s completely insecure. Unless your using a paid proxy, almost nearly every proxy should be treated as an insecure honeypot for one simple reason, no one really knows whose running it.

More often than not proxies are free IP addresses you will stumble upon, allowing you to easily connect to them and mask your IP address. However, there is little to no information on the owners. And let’s be real, why would someone on the Internet provide a real layer of protection for everyone to freely connect to.

Prroxies are insecure for torrenting

If you’re looking to use this method oftentimes you will stumble upon free proxies which are just the worst. They are slow, run in other countries and no one really knows what’s going on.

Again, you just don’t know and there is zero protection. Now if your using a paid proxy this is an entirely different scenario. But again if your going to go with a paid solution we truly recommend a VPN, proxies just don’t cut it in this day and age.


When it comes to remaining anonymous while torrenting, there are multiple factors to take into account. Such as is the network blocking bittorrent traffic or do you need to conceal your IP address? The methods listed above are among the simplest and most popular ways to fileshare securely with anonymity.

Leave your favorite methods to remain anonymous or favorite VPN & seedbox providers in the comments below!

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