StopWatching.Us: Rally Against Mass Surveillance, Freedom Hacker

StopWatching.Us: Rally Against Mass Surveillance

StopWatching.Us: Rally Against Mass Surveillance

The StopWatching.Us rally in Washington, DC on October 26, 2013 was a huge success. Individuals, business, organizations, and people worldwide came together to stand up against NSA mass surveillance. Just a few of the notable organizations that showed up to protest were. PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO THE ORGANIZATIONS BELOW, THEY DEFEND OUR DIGITAL RIGHTS EVERY DAY 24/7/365.

The rally was a huge success. It opened millions of Americans eyes, and helped bring more light to the NSA spying.

Why we need to fight

I wrote an article a while back called “Why we need to stand up for Internet Freedom“. Everything in that article is still true. Snowden has only leaked more data since, and has brought more credibility to his name. Edward Snowden is not the only NSA whistleblower, he is one of the very few to make it on TV, Newspapers, and be looked up to as a hero to the nation. Snowden informed us about many NSA spying programs, and their newest one called PRISM. PRISM is a deadly surveillance program that is like no other.

Ways to defend your digital liberties

Many people are lost on how to defend their digital liberties. There are hundreds of simple ways. My top three are

Defending your digital rights is not hard, but it will be an ongoing fight. Read other articles on about your privacy, and how you can keep your data yours. We are privacy advocates, and will do anything to support our digital freedoms.

Here is some footage of the StopWatching.Us: Rally Against Mass Surveillance

Ask yourself: What are you doing in this time of great challenge?

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