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Anonymous Announces ISIS Trolling Day on December 11th

After declaring cyber-war and taking down tens of thousands of social media accounts tied to ISIS, the online hacktivist group Anonymous is back again with its latest plan to annoy the radical Islamic State (IS) that carried out the horrific terror attacks in Paris.

Following the horrific Paris shootings, Anonymous declared war against ISIS, disrupting tens of thousands of ISIS communication platforms, defacing websites and even exposing the identities of pro-ISIS members hiding behind social media.

Now the hacktivists latest operation, called “ISIS Trolling Day,” is aimed at collectively trolling and launch mass campaigns against ISIS insulting their online image and what they stand for. This includes posting photoshopped images, memes, videos, jokes and even social media hashtags insulting the terror organization.

Their latest campaign is apart of an ongoing effort to tarnish and show disrespect towards the ISIS terror organization, especially towards their influence and propaganda spread online.

ISIS generally promotes their propaganda through social media, so Anonymous essentially re-branding the terror organization to a joke may be one of the best ways to discredit their image and stop the ongoing, yet successful propaganda.

Anonymous has also kindly asked participants in the trolling campaign to mock ISIS members and supporters for “the IDIOTS they are.”

According to the official Ghostbin post, Anonymous said the ISIS trolling campaign will be widespread, taking place on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even in the real world.

“We’ll show them what they really are they don’t stand for a religion, they don’t stand for a God, they’re brainwashers teaching from the young to the old their propaganda against the ‘West’ when in reality they’re just increasing the distance between countries by giving many a bad name,” the post announcing the official troll ISIS day said.

Anonymous said some of the official goals for the troll ISIS campaign include:

  • Use #Daesh or #Daeshbags hashtags across social media (ISIS hates being called DAESH)
  • Try to get #Daeshbags trending on Twitter
  • Upload mocking photos of ISIS to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Post photos of captured ISIS members and mock them
  • While harassing ISIS members, mention their wives
  • Use hashtags official ISIS members communicate with and disrupt them with mocking images
  • Make insulting videos towards ISIS and upload them to social media
  • Print out insulting photos and stickers that mock ISIS and spread them around your city

While some of the campaign ideas may sound a bit excessive, Anonymous intends to make a complete and total mockery of ISIS, calling on everyone around the world to insult the terror organization. While the campaign may seem harmless, it may be able to negatively impact ISIS and the message they continue to push.

What will come of ISIS trolling day and the presumed-to-come hacks against the organization is unknown, all we know is the turnout will be massive.

[Photo via Pierre/Flickr [CC BY 2.0]]

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