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What is Mozilla ThunderBird?

 What is Mozilla Thunderbird?

What is Mozilla Thunderbird? If you go to the Mozilla ThunderBird download page, the description it gives is “Thunderbird is a free email application that’s easy to set up and customize – and it’s loaded with great features!” That doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense. When I ask people if they use a “Mail Application”, they say “Huh, whats that?” A lot of the time when you have an email, when you want to check your mail you will go to, yahoo, or gnail’s website. Then login, and check your mail. But there are a few problems here, if you have multiple emails on the same provider like Yahoo, or gmail, you can not check them all at once. You will have to log in and sign out to check every single email. This can be very aggravating and annoying. Or if you run websites, you will have to use pre-built mail systems that are buggy, and they just don’t work. With all of these problems, isn’t there just a simple solution?

Hurry up and tell me what Mozilla ThunderBird does?

Mozilla ThunderBird is an

all in one Mail Client. If you have ever gone on a website, and clicked the “contact us” button, you may see the link that says “email us”. When you click it, it may ask you to open up a hotmail client, or Microsoft client. You may not know what those are, nor do you care. Those are “Mail Applications”, and they usually are just spammy, unreliable, confusing, and just overall suck. Mozilla Thunderbird is the all in one mail client. Mozilla Thunderbird allows you to control all your emails at once. Let me show you how mine is set up

mozilla thunderbird client, freedom hacker

As you can see I have 9 emails set up inside Mozilla Thunderbird. As you can see I can manage multiple emails simply. So when you email me at Author@freedomhacker.net, and email me at johndoe@freedomhacker.net I can get both of those at the same time without having to log into author@freedomhacker, logging out, then logging into johndoe@freeedomhacker.net. You don’t have to use an @website.com email. You can still use Yahoo, gMail, Outlook, any email you want (literally any email provider). I write for many different blogs, and this allows me to keep all of their emails secure and organized. This makes managing multiple emails very simple.

Okay, I can manage multiple emails, I only have one, what is this good for?

Mozilla Thunderbird isn’t only good for managing multiple emails, it is also good for security, and email management. When using Mozilla Thunderbird all your connections are automatically encrypted. When it checks for emails, receives emails, and when you send emails it is all encrypted. Instead of your internet provider begin able to snoop on your emails, it will encrypt all the connections. Instead of your ISP seeing “Hey John check out this awesome article https://freedomhacker.net/what-is-mozilla-thunderbird/“, they would see something similar to “FS78978DFE”, or a form of encryption. That means, your passwords are secure, no one can snoop on your emails (unless they are on the computer), and you are overall better protected. You can also download emails straight to your computer. Instead of taking a screenshot, or printing out that receipt online, you can just save the email from Thunderbird. You just right click the email, and hit “save as”, name it, then it saves in a .pdf or Thunderbird file, which ever you choose. You can move emails, categorize them, put them in folders, have email tabs, and much more.

Other Pro’s

You can manage your Facebook chats in the application so you don’t need to be on Facebook.com to chat, and no one on the connection can see the chat. You can manage Google Chat, IRC’s, Twitter, XMPP, and other types of chats. You can print, edit, forward, and do all the normal email functions. You can move emails into different email accounts, and do much more.

In the end why should I use this?

It doesn’t matter if you run multiple emails or not. The application is clean, a lot more secure, stable, fast, fun, and there are a whole lot of web features packed into one. Mozilla can not see what you are doing on Thunderbird, only you, and the person you are chatting or emailing with can see what is going on (and the website that you are using, ex.Facebook, Yahoo, gmail etc.). All in all Thunderbird is worth a try.

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