The Fappening Continues Leaking Nude Photos of Sarah Shahi, Freedom Hacker

The Fappening Continues Leaking Nude Photos of Sarah Shahi Among Others

In the leaking of nude celebrities photos dubbed, The Fappening, which began 4 months ago back in August, hackers have once again leaked nude photos of more prominent celebrities.

The leak came exactly as promised over Halloween-weekend, Saturday, leaking nude photos of Sarah Shahi. Shahi had fallen victim to The Fappening in past leaks, yet has had more photos leaked.

Though Reddit users claim the most recent leak also contain nude photos of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders Holly Arielle and Tobi Percival, Carly Pope, supermodel Hannah Davis, Kelly Felthouse, and Kelsey Voglesang. This Fappening set comes just one week after the massive The Fappening 6, which contained nude photos of Nicola Peltz, Angie Miller, Krysten Ritter, Tobie Percival and Aubrey Cleland.

The latest nude photo celebrity hack is also speculated to contain more revealing photos of Jennifer Lawrence, which The Fappening originally began with.

In what was thought to be the end of the celebrity leaks, hackers have revamped their latest operations, again, leaking photos of top A-list celebrities. Back in October claims that The Fappening was dieing had surfaced, claiming the leaks were no longer routine and the latest sets contained photos of unknown D-list celebrities.

In the past two stolen celebrity photo leaks, sets contain photos of prominent A-list celebrities, including those of Daisy Lowe, Nicole Peltz among countless others.

The Fappening began back in August when hackers first leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawerence, Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco among countless others. Since the initial leak, hackers have posted stolen nude photos of Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, Anna Kendrick, Nina Dobrev alongside two males.

Jennifer Lawerence has become the face of The Fappening, due to her status and large number of photos stolen and leaked online.

The leak was reported to have come from celebrities iCloud and cloud storage accounts. Hackers were said to have harvested photos of celebrities for at least eight months, meaning hackers launched targeted attacks, reaping hundreds of photos of numerous celebrities months prior. Keeping quite on the matter, hackers finally took to light with the massive amount of photos they stole, and leak stolen photos nearly every week.

Due to iCloud being the main target, Apple did their own investigation and found celebrities iCloud vaults were hacked due to weak passwords, not a vulnerability in the service.

Apple has since added two-factor authentication due to the high demand and added security benefits since the leak of stolen photos.

The FBI is said to be investigating The Fappening matter looking to identify the hackers. Identities of who the hackers may be remains unknown, and federal authorities have not made public claims to have any leads of possible identities of the leakers.

How many more nude celebrity photos the hackers may have remains unknown.

Photo via Thomas Attila Lewis/Wikipedia [CC BY 2.0]

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