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Is it Secure to Sync Data in the Cloud

Is it Secure to Sync Data in the Cloud

Syncing data in the cloud seems to be the next best thing, but is it? Is what you put in your cloud storage provider really secure? A lot of cloud storage providers don’t tell you if your files are secure are not. Companies tell users to upload them and not worry about it. But what happens when that cloud storage provider gets hacked, or has a data breach? Is your data safe, or was it stolen?

Syncing in the Cloud

When a user syncs their data in the cloud it means that it is in a server that can be accessed from anywhere. Cloud storage can be very reliable for holding important data that one may need at any time. It can also be helpful for computer crashes and whatnot. That way, if the computer crashes the data is still accessible from anywhere. Data can be automatically uploaded into the cloud, and synced back and forth at any time. Cloud storage is a true innovation, but there are many security risks.

Is Data in the Cloud Secure?

Data in the cloud begin secure is somewhat complex but simple. For the most part, NO, data is not secure in the cloud. Data in the cloud is generally left unencrypted and unsecured. Now this does not mean that just anyone can access the files in a cloud storage provider. The servers are encrypted and somewhat secured. But the data inside is not secure in the event of a data breach. If bigger name cloud storage providers were to get hacked, the data would not be secured and widely available to hackers on the web. Things such as pictures, documents, passwords, etc, would be leaked all over the web. Depending on how much data was stolen is how much would be leaked. Cloud storage is great but not secure. Cloud storage providers are allowing the data to sit in plain text. This means employees can “technically” look at what files contain, law enforcement can obtain and read files, and hackers would have access if servers were to be breached. Data in the cloud doesn’t have many security options.

Solutions and how to Sync Data in the Cloud Securely

There are a select number of secure cloud storage providers. The number one secure cloud storage provider is SpiderOak. SpiderOak has been a reliable and secure cloud storage provider for years. SpiderOak encrypts their servers, and everything inside it. No employee, third party, law enforcement agency, or hacker can read what is inside the provider. If the cloud storage provider were to get hacked, only large portions of encrypted containers would be leaked. Decrypting the data would be very hard, tedious, time consuming, and not possible in some cases. SpiderOak also has a zero tolerance policy. SpiderOak can not view or reset any users passwords. Its simply not possible as every piece of data input and output from the server in encrypted. The only data they have on users is how much storage they are using. Other than that, SpiderOak could not decrypt or give any data out even in Law Enforcement required it. Even if SpiderOak somehow handed data over, it would be encrypted blocks. SpiderOak is truly a zero tolerance/zero knowledge storage provider. Privacy and security in cloud storage is important, DO NOT underestimate what is possible.


Cloud storage security is important. Many users keep pictures, documents, sensitive data, passwords, and much more in their storage provider. But who has access to all of it? Encryption when using a cloud storage provider is only becoming more important with N.S.A. allegations and much more. Use a secure cloud storage provider, and sync data into the cloud with confidence.

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