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Secure Cloud Storage Providers

Secure Cloud Storage Providers

With the recent news about dropbox, “Dropbox…opening my docs?”, some are worried our files are not secure with them. They may be reading them, or they may not be. We do not know this for fact, but it still raises privacy issues. Cloud storage has always had privacy issues. I do not personally use any form of cloud storage. I don’t like others holding onto my data, or companies begin able to see my data. Its just a personal choice. Many people enjoy cloud storage while on the go. It helps save pictures, music, documents, and all sorts of data easily. With the click of a button you can have access to your files thousands of miles away from your computer. Cloud storage is a great choice to save files on the go. ALL LISTED BELOW MAY NOT BE %100 SECURE.

  • SpiderOak – SpiderOak is the best cloud storage service to date. I have used them in the past, and I can personally say they are top notch. SpiderOak is one of the few cloud storage providers that offers anonymity, security, and privacy. When signing up you get 2GB free for life. You will always have those 2GB no matter what. SpiderOak has a zero knowledge privacy policy (read here). The staff, the server, and law enforcement cannot see or read any of your data. All of the data is encrypted on their side, and on our side. They don’t have access to our passwords, accounts, files, or anything of the sort. Even if law enforcement came in requesting data with a warrant, they would not be able to turn any data over. SpiderOak keeps no logs of users, and they cannot even read their own data. All data is encrypted, so they wouldn’t even know which piece of data to turn over if they had to. SpiderOak is the only cloud storage site I would ever trust. SpiderOak is top notch. Sign up for SpiderOak.
  • Copy is very generous. They give out 15GB of free storage for just signing up. They also give out free space for tweets, and referring friends.
  • SecureUpload – is by far the most generous. They give out 300GB of free space on sign up. They also have very cheap plans for tons more space.
  • Cubby – is also reliable and gives you 5GB of starter storage.
  • MixtureCloud – Mixture Cloud is another reliable service that starts you off with 30GB for free!
  • MEGA – is the MegaUpload alternative. Once megaupload got shut down, Kim Dotcom opened up MEGA.

Those are the most reliable, and secure cloud storage providers I know of. SpiderOak is the number one provider I know of, and always recommend. When the owner of the company cannot even view your files, that’s when you know you have a reliable and secure provider. Start using secure cloud storage providers today!

To go along with your secure cloud storage provider, choose a secure email provider that takes privacy serious.

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