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Illuminati Recruitment Email Scam Claims You’ve Gained Access to the Secret Society

An Illuminati based email scam has come to recent light attacking the inboxes of various victims. A number of the emails note that failure to comply will result in death.

The Illuminati email scam came to light just recently first targeting a Malwarbytes lab employee in early April. Since then, the employee has received a number of emails regarding “Illuminati Recruitment“.

There is a small variety of emails sent, that all contain different instructions. A number of the emails start by welcoming you to the secret occult and claim you will soon be rich and live in paradise. The most recent email scam opens with

“Welcome to brotherhood Illuminati occult where you can become rich famous and popular and your life story we be change totally my name is mr. george fred I am here to share my testimony on how I join the great Illuminati brotherhood and my life story was change immediately.”

The opening statement again regards how to join the infamous occult, and how your life will never be the same. It then continues to read how Mr. Fred, the scammer, was once poor and couldn’t feed his family. The scam continues saying how he joined the Illuminati. Inside the email he says “one day I decided to join the great Illuminati occult, I come across them in the internet I never believe I said let me try I email them at illuminatibrotherhood666@[snip]”.

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After that the scam claims his life was easy paradise from there forward. Thats right, this man just sent an email to the secret underground occult and gained access to money and everything he dreamed of.

Another scam targeting email inboxes claims that you have basically won the lottery and gained access to recruitment into the Illuminati. The second email reads
“Dear Friend,
We welcome you as one of the 10 selected members of the Illuminati. The Internet offers the means to reach an amazing number of people both quickly and easily, which is at once a blessing and a curse. Many people have at least heard of the term ‘Illuminati,’ which is good. However, because of widespread conspiracy theories, a significant portion of what they have heard about the Illuminati is correct. It now seems vital to clarify these two points right up front”

The email claims you are one of the ten selected members. It then proceeds with saying if you join the Illuminati today you will become rich and famous while helping control widespread media coverage. They note the that ritual sacrifice is required to join, but the group is nonreligious. Then this is where the email really takes off. It gives victims steps to take to join the Illuminati right in this email! This secret occult email requires you send the following.

“Illuminati membership candidate should fill the space below:

  • Full Name:
  • Date of birth:
  • Country
  • State:
  • Phone No:
  • Occupation:
  • Money worth:
  • Email address:
  • Send us a photo of you.”

There are also some basic guideline to follow before victims can join the secret society.

  • * You must be above 18 years of age.
  • * You must not discuss the secret of the Illuminati to anyone.
  • * We are not interested in anyone who has obtained their knowledge about the Illuminati based on what they’ve HEARD from Mass Media (News or Performing Arts)”
Email Scam Recruitment Rules
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In the email they note failure to comply will result in death. In another scam, or most likely all of them, if you follow up with the email, they tell you that you have been accepted. From there emails state they would like to ship the secret materials to your home, along with your “illuminati national identity ID card”. They ask for your shipping name and address. They regard before shipping the secret material, you must pay an upfront fee via Western Union. Western Union can be used for cash based anonymous scams as no personal information is needed. The victim just sends cash with minimal personal identifying information and the end user can pick it up with such information. Once the payment is sent to the scammer, that’s most likely the end. Payments cannot be retracted via Western Union.

Don’t fall for the newly emerging Illuminati recruitment email scam. Malwarebytes is unsure how long the email has been live, but researchers have received multiple copies of the email, some in different formats.

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  1. i have come across those ones on a dateing site on facebook i am on they are full of crap their is no such thing as illumanati people believe this stuff off of movies and believe that their is a group like that they watch to much movies and also people are reallly easy to trick with this kind of stuff for some reason it is very easy to convince people that this stuff is real even though a sensible person would no otherwise must be some kind of pyschological thing with people that they are able to use to brainwhash people becuase that group is on the goverments list of scams and they are not real these people are a bunch of weenies that buy these shriners hats and wear vest with symbols on them to scam peeople .

  2. Out of every 10 people who fall for the scam, 1 goes missing because they actually provided all of the information the Illuminati asked for.

  3. Got one of those emails. It said only 10 would be selected from a million. And no death threat at the end, but this one asked for a copy of my ID lol! The english was bad, and i asked for proof that it was the illuminati, and the guy said he was dutch. I then left my number and said call me with more proof, the guy called but could not speak dutch lol, sounded like a black man. I endednup hanging up on the guy after he couldnt answer my questions.