26-Year-Old Hacker Sentenced to 334 Years in Prison

26-Year-Old Turkish Hacker Sentenced to Record 334 Years in Prison

A 26-year-old Turkish hacker was sentenced to an additional 135 years on Sunday for stealing 11 people’s credit card information and selling it to other cyber criminals online. The additional sentence added atop the young hackers already 199-year sentence totals this to a record breaking 334 year sentence.

26-Year-Old Onur Kopçak’s sentence was approved by the Mersin third Criminal Court of General Jurisdiction, a different court than last served his previous 199-year sentence initially handed down in 2013.

Kopçak was initially convicted for executing multiple phishing schemes that him and 11 other young hackers had carried out back in 2013. Kopçak was known for his ability to craft strikingly real-looking login pages for the faulty credential stealing sites.

Back in 2013, Kopçak was handed a sentence of 199 years 7 months and 10 days in prison by the Criminal Court of Appeals for the 8th circuit only after 43 bank customers had lodged complaints with the bank after their credit cards had received unauthorized charges.

Kopçak and his lawyers demanded that a 35 year sentence be upheld, pleading to the court for a lower sentencing writing “I’m sure you will not even remember the color of my skin.”

Kopçak, who has been convicted for a variety of cybercrimes including identity fraud, access device fraud, website forgers and write fraud is currently serving his time in the Osmaniye prison in southern Adana province.

Sources: Haberler

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