Dr. WEB AntiVirus Blocks Torrent Based Websites, Freedom Hacker

Dr. WEB AntiVirus Now Blocks Torrent Websites by Deafault

Dr. WEB AntiVirus Now Blocks Torrent Websites by Deafault

Top Russian antivirus vendor named Dr.Web, has released new features that will block customers from viewing websites that host alleged copyright infringing content. Dr. Web has joined copyright trolls in the mass censorship of the internet. As of now, Dr. Web has activated their new features on millions of devices/customers who use their product. The antivirus will block websites such as ThePirateBay, YIFY-Torrents, KickAssTorrents, amongst many others who allegedly host copyright infringing content.

While this is a victory for MPAA and RIAA who spend billions on censorship projects, this is a massive form of censorship. Bittorent based websites, or any torrent based site online has not broken any laws, nor will they ever. Bittorent, or torrents in general are a peer to peer network. This means torrent websites only index files, other users host. When a user visits a torrent site, they can search anything they desire. If they find a file they enjoy, they will click download. Once they hit download, the website/tracker has nothing to do with the download. The user will then start downloading files from another user that owns the file. Torrent networks are peer to peer meaning it no actual content ever filters through the network. Dr. Web is the first antivirus as of February 5, 2014 to implement this feature worldwide.

Some antiviurses may block bittorent websites occasionally, but Dr. Web’s new feature is a strict implementation of blocking every possible website that may contain copyright infringing files, or torrent in the domain name. No more will users be restricted by their internet service provider, they will be restricted by a program installed to allegedly keep them safe. Dr. Web has not only joined the program for mass censorship, but the restriction to the free flow of information.

As of now other notable companies such as Kaspersky, and Eset have not commented on these actions. If any antivirus vendor joins these censorship programs, prepare for the N.S.A. to restrict access to any website as they please (Dr. Web is located in Russia, but others are located in the USA). If you are still using an antivirus, read “Do you really need an Antivirus“. If antiviruses aren’t bad enough, they are joining censorship networks.

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