Microsoft Office Blog hacked by #SEA, Freedom Hacker

Microsoft Office Blog hacked by #SEA

Microsoft Office Blog hacked by #SEA

Microsoft is again on the target of SEA (Syrian Electronic Army). After Microsoft blog attack, this time SEA attacked on Microsoft office blog. Syrian Electronic Army also tweeted on Microsoft office blog with the title “Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army”. Hackers also posted some screenshots of control panel of Microsoft Office blog and WordPress panel on which hackers posted an article.

Microsoft Office blog Admin Panal SEA
Microsoft Office blog Control Panal SEA

The above two images are from WordPress panel and the old administration panel of Microsoft Office blog. Below is an image of Microsoft Office blog on which SEA did attack.

Office blog Hacked

SEA also tweeted in last tweet “Dear @Microsoft, Changing the CMS will not help you if your employees are hacked and they don’t know about that. #SEA” noted SEA in its last tweet.”

The recent attack just arrived after Microsoft revealed that Syrian Electronic Army accessed few employees’ email accounts.

Before this attack, SEA was able to attack on the Xbox twitter account, Skype blog, and Skype Twitter account in the beginning of this year.

The SEA group also warned Microsoft about such trouble, and they kept their promise with this attack. For a security product and service Provider Company, hacking is an embarrassing event and Microsoft has taken it seriously. However, the worst scenario is that SEA has still access to few email accounts and now the threat is growing bigger in the perspective of security of other properties of Microsoft.

After the involvement of Microsoft in NSA surveillance case, Microsoft is on the target of Syrian Electronic Army group and we can see that the New Year seems very unfortunate for Microsoft.

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