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How the Internet is going dark and we are winning the Cyber War

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How the Internet is going dark and we are winning the Cyber War

The internet is slowly becoming dark day by day. With more people encrypting the web and waking up the internet is starting to push back. But  it seems everyday we are loosing our liberties. It appears that the knots around our necks get tighter and tighter. Sometimes I feel I can’t do anything without the government knowing. It seems we are under surveillance 24/7. But, this is because we are always told the bad. The media fabricates almost everything good that happens. They want us to live in a world of sadness, and think everything is bad. They want us to believe the government is good, but civil liberties are bad. The job of news networks is to fabricate everything, and physiologically sedate individuals. Obviously most of you reading this on are not part of the wall of sheep. But when we are put into this world of hatred, and told everything is falling we get into a sedated, numbed, and saddened mind state. It seems everything is always going downhill. We are told the government is listening in on our calls, harvesting our data, harvesting our digital life, and watching us shop at Walmart on their security cameras. It seems the internet is going to be a big ball of censorship, and freedom will be non-existent in the near future. But, what if this wasn’t true? What if everything you were told “we are loosing” was just shoved down your throat?

What is this we are winning and loosing talk?

If you read

Mike Adams, or listen to Alex Jones you will know we are in a constant battle. You are probably aware that our liberties are getting taken. I am not saying they aren’t, but we don’t talk much about winning. We usually stay on the topic that we are loosing, then once we win, we have a small celebration then we are back onto fighting the constant information war. It will be a constant battle. As long as people like Mike Adams, Alex Jones, and citizens that are getting riled up to defend the worlds liberties, we will have some form of freedom. A lot of us would rather die defending our liberties then die in a fema camp set up by the government. The winning or loosing talk is about our liberties, and our cyber liberties. Will the internet become censored, will the freedom of information become illegal? Will we become censored? Will the global elites throw our liberties away like a piece of trash? Are we winning or loosing?

Are we winning or loosing?

We are winning the cyber war, and information war.  It will be a constant fight, but we are ahead of the game. The governments palms are getting sweaty. The public is actually winning and we are squashing them like bugs. The internet is going dark and they don’t know what to do. The global elites are not becoming so elite anymore. They may have more money, but money won’t buy out our liberties.

What is going dark, and how are we going dark?

Going dark online is becoming anonymous online. Going dark is attaining privacy. Having our data be encrypted so the government can’t spy on us. The internet is slowly becoming dark day by day. With more people using VPN’s, https://, and encrypting their web, the government is becoming scared, and distraught. Even though I despise Google (read more here), I do enjoy the fact that they allow https for searching, and force https on their applications. https:// is something someone can stick on a website and encrypt it. When you go on, your internet provider can see that you visited A lot of websites like Amazon, eBay, and banking websites force https://. When a website utilizes https:// your internet provider cannot see that you visited They will see “adsfja;” instead of “”. If the site allows https:// you can utilize it for free (the majority of the web does not offer it). With GMail becoming one of the biggest email providers, Google is now forcing https on it. So no one can steal your password, and so you are protected while viewing your emails. Google forces https on just about everything other than their search engine. Https is optional. Download Mozilla’s FireFox, and install HTTPS:// everywhere. This will force websites to use https:// if they allow it. allows https://, but they don’t force it. Most people just use because Google automatically takes you there. HTTPS:// everywhere will force it. Next time you type in (if you are using HTTPS:// everywhere), it will see that Google allow https://, and then it will take you to the https:// version. It will never affect your browsing experience, it will only protect you. But back to going dark. Facebook is now forcing https:// to be used. When you go to, is forced on your browser. This allows for a secure encrypted connection. Even if a website doesn’t use https:// such as Natural News. HTTPS:// Everywhere will force https:// on anything inside the website. Natural News has a Google search bar on the top of their site. Using HTTPS:// Everywhere will search that custom Google search bar with https:// even though NaturalNews doesn’t have https://, HTTPS:// Everywhere will encrypt the web a lot more places than you can see. With the internet becoming encrypted and the government not being able to blatantly spy on you, they are becoming scared. Even though Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and other big sites are run by the government they are still securing us. The privacy department that works for Facebook, and Google are actually taking our liberties serious. This is taking the internet to a new level. The government is now having to get warrants to search Facebook, and Googles servers. Now they can’t just walk into AT&T grab your data freely, since it is encrypted. They can’t just blatantly spy on you via your internet traffic, they are having to actually contact the companies directly with a warrant. Most companies will surrender and give them the data. But this is showing the government that they actually have to follow their own laws. They have to get warrants, and they can’t spy on you without one. The internet is winning. The cyber war is just getting started. Before they took us over by spying on us and laughing in our face. We showed them swift justice with https://. They are not laughing anymore. We have our missiles loaded and right when they try and take away the Internets rights to freedom, we will fire them without hesitation. They realize what America will do if we become censored. Riots will break out, protests will fall into place, their servers will be comprised, and they will be squashed like the maggots they are. With the internet going dark, and the one percent not being in total control, they don’t know what to do. Things are starting to become illegal, the NSA is getting sued, and the government is falling apart. They are pushing laws out to fast, and we are showing how they are unconstitutional and getting them abolished. People in congress are starting to see that they won’t be safe when the government takes over. They see that they are just another regular citizen who will have their rights stripped no matter what garbage they are fed. Mainstream bloggers are seeing PRISM will watch, and censor them. They are in a panic, but don’t know how to fully express a realistic opinion without being afraid of loosing their job, or becoming an outsider at their workplace. We need to let them know that we are standing up, and winning. If we have just a little bit of encouragement it will help the fight continue at full force. The more people that know, the harder we will hit. Tell more people about this, show them the proof, explain it to them. Help them understand. They may do their own research, and then tell you something you didn’t know. You can exchange information and help others realize what is happening. The pieces will fall into place, as they are slowly already. Information is powerful, ideas are bulletproof.

Is there anything else I can do?

Yes! There is always more we can do to slap the government back into reality. If we back organizations that defend out liberties they will not know what to do. I will list some more things you can do to bring justice to the criminal scum. The organizations listed below defend the WORLDS digital liberties, not only the United States of America, or one country. THEY SUPPORT AND DEFEND EVERYONE.

  • Support the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF is the create of HTTPS://Everywhere. But they are also an organization that is dedicated to defending our digital liberties. EFF has sued AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and many other mega corps multiple times for spying on their users. They have sued more government agencies than any other organization to date. When I spoke with their crew on August 2, 2013 at the DefCon Hacker Convention, they had five lawsuits against the NSA. They have sued the NSA multiple times before. Many other security advocates at DefCon were suing the NSA. EFF is a non-profit organization. They don’t serve ads on their site, they don’t track our data, they don’t sell our data, and they are dedicated to defending the citizens liberties, and relying on us to help them back. Not many people know what they do for our liberties, so head over to their donation page (click here), and donate $1.00, or $100.00. Anything helps their organization fight and keep going. What I personally recommend is clicking the “I want to donate this amount every month.”, and putting in $5.00. It will donate $5.00 a month automatically. You won’t have to keep going to the site, and donating monthly, or whenever you remember. $5.00 isn’t to much out of your pocket, and it is a whole lot to these guys. If you can’t afford a donation just read their articles. Become educated on whats going on. Read them, tell others, support EFF by making them known. Your mind cannot be censored.
  • Support open source organization such as Mozilla. Mozilla is another non-profit organization. They are most well known for their browser Mozilla FireFox. Use Mozilla FireFox, and stop using Google products such as Google Chrome. If you can afford, I would recommend donating to them. You can donate to them here. Mozilla is constantly fighting internet bills, and making the internet aware of what is going on. Mozilla supports transparency and defends the worlds digital liberties. They don’t spy on your browsing habits like Google Chrome, and they are open source. They have better security, have an open source browser (it means anyone can see what the browser is made of. No one has found any trackers in it to date.), and are a company that is true to their word. Again if you cannot afford a donation, simply use their browser. Using their browser is another form of internet activism. Internet activism can be this simple.
  • Use a VPN. What is a VPN? A VPN encrypts your internet wherever you go. It doesn’t allow your internet provider, or government to spy on you. This will encrypt the internet everywhere. It can make you appear wherever you want. I personally recommend Private Internet Access (find out more here). Read my Private Internet Access VPN review here. A VPN will not allow your internet activities to be traced. Thousands of people are on the same VPN that you are, so companies cannot track your data. Google cannot bubble you if you use a VPN. Websites, and ad companies cannot distinguish you. Thousands of people are usually on one VPN. This means thousands of websites are seeing the same VPN. They cannot tell who is who, which means they cannot track users individually. Companies don’t like this, because they cannot target you, then sell your data out. They can’t scroogle you.
  • Use search engines that take privacy serious. Using a search engine that doesn’t track you, or target you is a must have. Google keeps all your search data, sells it, and targets you. I would recommend using They give you 100% raw searches. The moment you put the data in to search, they delete it right away. Your data isn’t stored, kept, or even sold. They give you a raw search. I personally use DuckDuckGo everyday. DuckDuckGo is my default search engine .
  • Make DuckDuckGo your default search engine for just one week. See if you like it, if you like it, keep your data secure. If not, find another alternative search engine.
  • Use private email operators. GMail, Yahoo, and many other big companies harvest your emails. When you delete an email, Google will always keep it no matter what. They will target your house with physical snail mail sometimes, depending on what your searching, or getting emails for. They will then take your data, target you for ads, and sell the data to data mining companies. They can also read your emails at any time, and do as they please. Use private email providers that encrypt your emails. The companies below encrypt your emails, and the staff cannot even read them if they tried.,,, are all great alternatives. One company named was recently shutodown by the government. The owner is not allowed to disclose why either.
  • Donate to organizations that defend out liberties. Here is a list
  1. Electronic Frontier Foundation
  4. – they recently got their private email provider shut down, and are fighting the court even harder but need sufficient funding.
  6. (Not really an organization, but protect your liberties with a VPN)
  7. Many more exist, leave your favorite organizations in the comments!


Overall we are winning the cyber war because of the citizens pushing back. If we continue to push back and go %100 dark, the government will panic. They won’t know what to do. They will actually have to abide by the laws, and let information be legal. If they choose the censorship route, hackers will defiantly let them know that isn’t okay. The internet deserves to be open. It allows communication with ease, information to get out at a rapid rate, and allows life to be easier. Most of us love the internet, and depend on it for our daily lives. The last thing that is free will continue to be free if we keep fighting and have organizations like EFF fighting with us. Fight with us, help defend the internet, let the internet become bulletproof like your imagination.

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