Grams - First Underground Black Market Search Engine, Freedom Hacker

Grams – First Underground Black Market Search Engine

The dark net, or underground web is a mysterious hidden part of the internet. Its hidden to the point where it can’t be found in search engines, and its hard to access. Once users gain access to the deep web, it may be hard to find whats online. Black markets, and various other sites run under the Onion network, and many users don’t know how to reach what they are searching for. If they do find something on the underground, it may be hard to determine the legitimacy of the product or service.

Underground markets offer a trove of illegal services. Popular services include high quality drugs, weapons, hacking tools, illegal services, and more. To gain access to underground sites you may have to scavenge the internet for long obscure domains, then enter it into Tor Browsers URL bar. Sites may also change their address or URL, which can means that web URL may be dead. All in all, accessing the underground may not be easy.

None of that will be a problem anymore. The first search engine, Grams (http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion), has come upon the underground. Grams is the first black market search engine that lets anymore easily find illegal services online, and its virtually identical to Google.

There is no setup, or extra settings that need to be check in TOR or elsewhere. Just like Google, users access the website and make a quick search for what they want. Then, that search will appear in a matter of seconds. Grams is Google for black markets.

The anonymous creator of Grams posted on Reddit, “I am working on the algorithm so it is a lot like google’s it will have a scoring system based how long the listing has been up, how many transactions, how many good reviews. That way you will see the best listing first.” He also added, “I am going to add a filter market this week so a use can search only the markets they have accounts for.”

Grams currently indexes eight black markets, of those include Agora, BlackBank, C9, Evolution, Mr. Nice Guy, Pandora, The Pirate Market, and Silk Road 2. It is noted the Grams creator is trying to get more underground markets on board to be able to create a bigger search engine.

Grams creator told Wired his motive behind Grams, “I noticed on the forums and reddit people were constantly asking ‘where to get product X?’ and ‘which market had product X?’ or ‘who had the best product X and was reliable and not a scam?’”. He also says “I wanted to make it easy for people to find things they wanted on the darknet and figure out who was a trustworthy vendor.”

Grams is unlike any other search engine on the underground today. Grams is built to be the Google for contraband. The creator has told Wired he had been programming 14 hours a day for two weeks, building Grams by scratch. Grams is the first of its kind, and the creator has many plans to further the development of Grams.

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