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Five Unreleased Movies Leaked Online in Sony Picture Hacking

Five pre-release movie titles from Sony Pictures found themselves online on a torrent site late Sunday afternoon, following the Sony hacking incident which left their computer system offline during the past week.

Included in the leak by hackers, box-office movie titles “Annie”, “Mr Turner”, “Still Alice”, “To Write Love on Her Arms”, and “Fury” found themselves leaked online mere hours ago. World War II drama title, Fury, came to theaters over six weeks ago, reaching the second most pirated film with over 1.2 million downloads as of 11 A.M. on Sunday, according to Variety.

The leak of movies can likely be related to the hacking of Sony Pictures servers last week, a hack that took the studios computer network for ransom forcing IT to turn it offline. An image reading “Hacked By #GOP” appeared on employees computer screens, along with ransom demands and a threat to leak sensitive documents if Sony corporation does not comply with hackers demands.

While the origin of the hack remains unknown, the company is investigating a possible tie between the attack and North Korea, in retaliation to the recent film, “The Interview,” a comedy film about a CIA plot to assassinate North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un.

In an email to The Verge, one member claiming to be apart of the hackers has taken responsibility for the hack, noting a Sony employee aided hackers.

The unknown hacker also told The Verger that IT security at Sony Pictures is poor, stating: “Sony doesn’t lock their doors, physically, so we worked with other staff with similar interests to get in.”

The alleged hacker refrained from releasing information noting the safety and security of their team members is a top priority.

This is not the first time Sony has suffered a severe security breach, backing in 2011 hackers managed to access to millions of users’ credentials including email, password among other sensitive information.

Nearly two days after the initial attack, Sony Pictures computer systems remained offline and were required by staff to turn off their computer system and disable WiFi on all wireless devices. It remains unknown if the system is still offline, but Sony Pictures has been dealing with the attack.

The attack on Sony Pictures appears to have hit the company in an unprecedented manner, escalating itself instantly with the leak of pre-release films and financial documents mere days after the hack.

Sony has yet to publicly respond to the hacking of their systems. The FBI is said to be working with Sony to investigate the hack.

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