Block-it Pocket Review, Freedom hacker

Block-it Pocket Review

Block-it Pocket Review

Block-it Pocket Review. The Block-it Pocket is a new revolutionary product to stop the NSA from spying on you, and cut out all radiation from your phone. This article from our friends over at Natural News is one of the many articles that shows how electronics, and cell phones can cause cancer. Now back to the Block-it Pocket Review. As always I like to go over claims that products make, and then see if they can stand up to those claims. Block-it Pocket says to enhance Health and Privacy, block cell signal, block GPS tracking, block all cell phone tracking, block radiation from your phone, help avoid annoying phone calls or texts at just the wrong moment, Virtually eliminate outside entities from tracking or hacking you, No more damaging radiation while carrying your device, Provides Protection From EMPs, Protects RFID Passports, Credit Cards and Transponders, and it is Water Resistant. (This is Block-it Pockets official statement on their products “While we cannot guarantee 100% shielding/blocking 100% of the time, we have had virtually 100% success in all controlled tests!”)

Does Block-it Pocket really do all these things? Does Block-it Pocket hold true to its claims?

In one word, YES! The Block-it Pocket

holds true to every single claim. One thing I cannot confirm is if the health in my leg is better (where I hold my phone, and radiation emits), but I am sure it is. The Block-it Pocket is very safe and dummy proof for all users. To use the Block-it Pocket, all you do is stick your phone in the front pocket, and wala! The pocket has two nice storage pockets. One for your phone, or electronic that you don’t want to be able to track and/or hear you, and another one for whatever you want it to be for. I used the second pocket for my wallet, and credit cards. For this review I made sure my credit cards were right behind the phone in the back pocket at all times. All of my cards still work. If you know anything about radiation and cards, you know that if you keep a cell phone by credit cards, or room keys for hotels, they will get deactivated and not work. The pocket did stop radiation from reaching my cards, and most likely my leg too. If you keep your cell phone in a suit by your chest, or for women in your bra, you have an increased risk in getting breast cancer, or some form of cardiovascular disease. The Block-it Pocket is nice and compact. You could throw your phone in it, and still keep where you used too, and have a much better chance at not developing cancerous cells. Does it block annoying cell phone calls, texts, and all cell signal? Yes! The pocket blocks everything. I went as far to put my phone on loud, walk into quiet places. I would then come out, pull my phone out of the pocket, and then receive all the “missed calls”, and texts at once. The pocket holds true to the claim. This could be helpful for meetings, having your phone in class at school, in the movies, at a play, at the library, wanting to be left alone, and/or not wanting to be able to receive calls or texts. The pocket is great for turning it off, and not begin tracked or heard. Does it stop GPS tracking? Well I am not the NSA, so I cannot say %100, but I did put it to the test. What I did was set up an auto-uploader on my phone. has an option to allow auto-upload of all pictures you take. Not sure if it works on Apple products. I stuck the Photobucket app on my phone, and set auto-upload. I messed around with the settings online and set it up to not delete any GPS data, or where the photo was taken information. What happens is, when I take a picture, my phone would upload it to my Photobucket account. This can be great for backing up photos right away, and keeping them safe if your phone was lost, or got stolen. First off, to be able to upload the taken picture, you need cell service. Photobucket notifies you when all the pictures you took uploaded, or failed to upload. I left my phone in the front pocket for a few minutes, saw all cell service was cut off, took my phone out, snapped about 8-10 pictures very fast, and stuck it back in the pocket. I then walked around for a little, and then came home. I pulled the phone out of the pocket, and let it sit for a little. Photobucket had given me no notifications at all. It didn’t say the photos failed to upload, and I even went and checked online. My photos were not there. The pocket really blocks all data. But I took it further. I decided to cut off the reception, take pictures in a relatively popular areas where they would track you (in my town), put it in the pocket, went home, and then uploaded them. No GPS data on any of them. You can scan photos online for GPS data. No data was there as far as I could see. The pocket really does block GPS tracking, and cell service. For their hacking claim, I generally use VPN’s, encrypt my phone, encrypt my sim card, and put a passcode on it. But I am sure it does work. It allows you to go ghost in the pocket. The pocket does block radiation as far as I can see. I kept my credit cards, and gift cards right next to my phone, only a pocket away in the Block-it Pocket, and they all worked fine. Sadly I didnt have any EMP’s on hand, so I cannot make any claims. But if you have an EMP let me know. And the last big claim. Is it water resistant? Indeed it is. I have this a test in my sink. I tried it with my phone and wallet. (Note: I did not fully keep it underwater for a long period of time, or drop it in a pool or something). I gave this a decent bit of testing. The pocket is fabric so I didn’t want to have it soaking wet for the next few days. But I did test it to my ability. It is indeed waterproof. I went ahead and put it in my sink, and let the water sit on it for some time. The outside of the pocket was wet, but the inside stayed 100% dry. The pocket does absorb water, so when you squeeze it some may come out, but the inside of the pockets stay dry. And yes, the pocket still works after begin in the water. Here are some pictures (I use a Circuit Board Business Card Case as my wallet. You can usually get them cheap at ThinkGeek, Etsy. or other cool online stores.)

Soaked the front of the pocket, now getting the back wet. Phone was in it when soaking the front, but now just the wallet is in it while getting the back of the pocket wet. (black spots I am blocking out reflection)

 Block-it Pocket Review, Freedom Hacker

Pull out my wallet and it looks fine

 Block-it Pocket Review, Freedom Hacker

Wallet was dry, but here is the inside of the pocket. Dry as well.

 Block-it Pocket Review

The Block-it Pocket really does hold true to its claims.

Why do I need this, and when would I use it?

While telling people about this product, they all asked, “Why do I need that?”, “Why would I want something that makes my phone unusable?”, “Thats dumb, why does anyone want that?”. Well, there are plenty of reasons. For one, it cuts off all GPS tracking, and ability, for the NSA to listen in on you. If everyone had one, we could all talk freely without begin monitored, and could tell the NSA to stick it. Even if you want to keep your cell service, you can use this as a case. Just stick your phone in the back pocket. All reception is still there while in the back. It acts as a nice case, it prevents scratches, falls, drops, spills, and a lot. You could use this near the pool. Keep your phone inside, and it would keep it completely dry. You could use it around kids if they spill drinks, or junk on your phone, it helps to keep people out of your phone with the clasp on the front, you could use it at meetings, or places you don’t want calls. You could also use it to stop begin distracted by your phone, or iPod (emails, games, texts, friends). The biggest use for me was when driving. Texting or Talking on the phone, and driving is very dangerous. It illegal in many states and country’s shown here. The front pocket cuts out all reception, so you will not know when you receive a call or text. This is a huge advantage to driving, it won’t buzz, ring, notify you of any texts, calls, emails, games, updates, or anything at all. You can drive safely, and avoid tickets easily. The pocket isn’t only to be used to stop cell phone spying. You can use it on any electronic, and it has many other practical uses.

When not to use this

This is not necessary in a review, but I feel I should add this in. You may not want to use this if your wife is pregnant (You won’t receive her call when she is in labor), you may also not want to use this while walking through a rough looking neighborhood.

Overall review

Overall Block-it Pocket Review. The  Block-it Pocket gets a 10/10 on the Freedom Hacker scale. It stays true to all “claims”, and does not make any claims at all. I would recommend the Block-it Pocket to any freedom lovers, people who don’t like getting spied on, people who want to improve their health, people who want to stop distractions, and/or people who want a nice case. To buy a Block-it Pocket click here. BEFORE PURCHASING BE SURE TO EMAIL, OR CALL THEM FOR THE SIZE OF YOUR PHONE. I had not told them, and they sent me one for the regular 3×5 phone. But I have a Galaxy S III, so I needed a custom fit one. They also do custom sizing for tablets too.

Check out the official Block-it Pocket website here. Block-it Pocket Enhancing Health and Privacy

Check out their Block-it Blanket this will stop any radiation from a computer to emit into your legs, or other parts of your body. The computer is still 100% usable, with WiFi. It only stops that harmful radiation from emitting into your body. Using latptops on your lap are extremely dangerous, and highly toxic to the human body.

Check out the Block-it Talk-it. If you are talking on your phone a lot this is a MUST have . This will stop cell phone radiation from emitting waves into your head. This does not block cell service, but blocks the harmful waves from affecting you. This will also stop it from touching yours, or others ears. So your phone wont pick up any germs from anyone.

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  1. I don’t know where you tested it, but take it out and move around, the closer you get to towers the less dependable it is. I returned my and got a refund and this was long before they issued a “recall” on their products.

    1. Hi can you provide some more information on this? I have been using mine for over 10 months and it still works everywhere, even near cell towers. Did you get the proper sizing to your phone?