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Assange Appears to be Alive but Many Questions Remain Unanswered

After 90 days with lack of Proof of Life, it would appear that Julian Assange, is, for the most part, alive and well in the Ecuadorian Embassy. For those not familiar with the recent Wikileaks saga, it was widely speculated where the Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, had been, as he had not been seen alive since October 4th. A few short weeks after disappearing in the beginning of October, Assange mysteriously had his Internet severed, cutting his access to the world outside the walls. For those who may not know, Assange has been stuck in the Ecuadorian Embassy located in London since 2012, after being granted asylum.

Assange Appears to be Alive & Well

After Assange appeared on the Hannity show on Fox news earlier tonight, it would appear that Julian Assange is alive and safe. While we can’t confirm 100% that Julian Assange was the one who appeared before the camera, it would appear from the investigation thus far, that he is alive and well in the embassy.

What’s telling about the most recent Hannity interview from the others is that it shows both Assange and Hannity in close quarters in the same room. Something all prior interviews neglected to included, and a scenario which would make it significantly harder in an attempt clone Assange’s actions. Assuming they could get a body double, it would still be extremely difficult to emulate Assange’s hair, facial hair, and weight perfectly throughout multiple camera angles with such a short time period. This is an aspect none of the past audio or alleged video interviews with Assange have included. Pilger’s interview prior to Hannity is the only other video interview, and there is only one angle. All other interviews following were strictly audio.

There are a couple more telling signs that this is definitely Assange and not pre-recorded interview or body double. One is the simple fact that both Hannity and Assange cover a large portion of recent events. There was a lot of discussion about the last couple days of 2016, and recent statements made by the US government, things that would be extremely difficult to edit in.

But the most telling sign pointing to this being Assange is the poor lighting, shadows and close quarters. While all three of what we just listed are a mainstream media interviewers nightmare, it’s perfect for the general public. Extremely poor lighting, as seen in the interview, would make it extremely difficult to accurately clone Assange’s face to another. Another is the shadows that can be seen when they talk. Both Assange and Hannity have distinct shadows when moving their arms during their speech. Something a pre-recorded interview or full cloning tool would have a tough time emulating.

Not to mention there were no serious cuts, morphs or edits in the Assange interview sparking any major controversies contrary to Pilger’s. Not even any noticeable audio distortions, something even past audio interviews had issues with.

On the contrary…
The simple reason we won’t outright confirm Assange is alive is due to the simple fact that a swath of intricate cloning technologies already exist. Recently technology unveiled to the public has the ability to mimic ones entire face and even detailed facial features to another individuals face. Other tools available on the market allow you to easily clone and mimic others voices with a simple program. So assuming everyone is in on the plan, including both past and recent interviewers, all the interviews could have gone off without a hitch.

The only way we may ever receive 100% adequate proof of life from Assange is a handwriting sample, DNA test or whenever Assange is actually allowed to step foot outside the embassy. The UN has already declared that Assange must be released from the government’s “arbitrary detention.”

Assange’s Internet Has Been Restored

According to a prior interview with the Wikileaks founder, Assange has confirmed that his Internet Access has been restored. The original article aired December 23rd, however, the journalist said she initially conducted the interview on December 9th. Meaning Assange had his Internet access restored for some time without anyones knowledge?

I have no time to waste w/lunatics asking me evidence that Julian #Assange is alive,our interview was held the 9December 2016 at the Embassy

— stefania maurizi (@SMaurizi) December 26, 2016

Quite odd shrouded by the simple fact that the Wikileaks Twitter is getting hammered day in and day out for proof of life. So Assange’s Internet access is restored and we just happened to never be notified, meanwhile, Hannity doesn’t even bother to mention it in any form?

Elephant in the Room Still Not Addressed

What’s quite bizarre and continues to be a glaring issue is the simple fact that no reporter will bring up the elephant in the room, Assange’s obvious lack of proof of life. While the entire Internet is in a frenzy for adequate proof of life, every journalist blows right past the most obvious question. While neither organization may want to entertain the notion, intentionally ignoring a simple request is only making it worse. Especially when the official Wikileaks twitter asks supporters how they can prove he is alive, then begin to beg supporters stop asking for proof of life.

Hannity mentions nothing either… odd?

Many Questions Unanswered

With any interview, there were many important questions that the public feels were never addressed. While yes, we realize we are not a mainstream media conglomerate with dozens of journalists working to manufacture the perfect TV interview, there were some very obvious questions that need to be answered. It’s also very clear this interview was based on politics, not on why Assange hasn’t been seen alive in 90 days.

While many of the questions the public has would never make it on television, the serious questions we need answered to ensure Assange is alive and Wikileaks is not compromised include:

  • What happened to Phase 3 that was supposed to come in November?
  • When was your Internet restored & why were supporters unaware?
  • Why do the insurance hashes no longer match?
  • Why are insurance torrents being removed from the official Wikileaks domain?
  • Why are there multiple references to 1984 in the most recent Wikileaks file directory?
  • Why are the podesta leaks no longer matching up, why are emails seemingly missing?
  • Why has every single alternate Wikileaks domain to avoid censorship turned offline?
  • Why did Wikileaks cryptically tweet there was law enforcement outside the embassy?
  • What happened to the Wikileaks Twitter, there have been distinct changes?
  • What’s the deal with the Embassy Cat Twitter?
  • What’s going on over at Wikileaks, there have been some clear shakeups?

Reddit AMA Occurring Thursday

While many essential questions went unanswered during the recent Hannity interview, Assange has already scheduled a Reddit AMA for Thursday at 9AM EST. An AMA, or Ask Me Anything, will allow anyone with a Reddit account to ask Julian Assange any question they desire. The comments that get the most upvotes are usually the questions answered, so be sure to ask a question or monitor the thread and upvote the questions you personally want to see answered. This is a rare chance for the public to be able to speak to Assange at such a critical time in history.

Update (1/5/2016): Assange’s Reddit AMA has been rescheduled to Tuesday next week, on January 10, 2016.

Rest Easy as Assange Appears Fine and Wikileaks May be Too

It may be hard to ever definitively say Assange is alive until more interviews and occurrences appear with Assange, that being said, it’s not entirely crazy to remain skeptical about Assange’s whereabouts. Not that we need to discredit the Wikileaks foundation in the process, as the publication appears to remain strong, but it’s safe to remain skeptical.

It will also be a very short time before we can fully confirm if Wikileaks has been compromised or not. Seeing as Wikileaks released all the Clinton emails in an encrypted insurance torrent prior to publishing one email, it will be easy to confirm if there has been any interference with the emails. When Wikileaks finishes their dump, they can then release the insurance keys and confirm to supporters that there was no interference or scrubbing of emails.

And as politics are move at high speed, the Wikileaks and Clinton saga will likely only continue to heat up. After 90 days missing, as of January 3rd, it would appear Julian Assange is alive and safe at the Ecuadorian embassy.

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  1. Great article. He promised to appear on the balcony, so why won’t he simply step out on the balcony? CG is great and all, but cannot make personal appearances on balconies. Has he stepped out on the balcony yet? For the bitcoin data questions, those are very interesting and were expounded on in length in various reddit and voat forums. Data can be manipulated by stewards, and the hex codes apparently were discovered by some. Then in most typical but still shocking conspiracy theory fashion, many researchers whom supposedly cracked the hex suddenly disappeared, sites removed, people missing, and total censorship and ddos attacks ensued. Like VOAT man, seriously, there was a lot of pzzgt content there worthy of recognition. Blockchain is not something you can learn about in a single news article. Rubberneck in effect or not? Brandon, a great article, thank you.

  2. Thank you, if you have a moment could you explain why Assange appears to be eight feet tall in the video photo above? Also Hannity appears to be looking at Assange through out the interview, Assange appears to be looking to his far right, thank you.

  3. Thank you, if you have a moment could you explain why Assange appears to be eight feet tall in the video photo above? Also Hannity appears to be looking at Assange through out the interview, Assange appears to be looking to his far right, thank you.

    1. Hey, from what we can tell it’s just the camera angle. If you look at the sideshot, or thumbnail of the post, you will notice just how close they are actually sitting. They are within arms distance of each other at best, and on top of that, they are stuffed in a room with professional lights, an entire film crew, live equipment and many other things likely crowding the room. Now I presume the camera is directly behind Hannity’s head, saying if we moved the camera just a few feet, we’d see it easy. Now the only thing I can gather is this is just the angle.

      Sounds like a steep claim to just “blame” on the angle, but if you’ve ever worked with a camera, you’ll know there are a lot of aspects to it. I will say, Assange does look a little large and his hands look a bit odd from the direct angle, but aside from that, everything looks okay to us. I truly believe it’s the angle and lighting. Any thoughts yourself?