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Anonymous India Attacks TRAI Website Again, Says No Plan to Stop Unless Emails are Removed

While the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) continues to host the leak of over one million petitioners email ID’s, Anonymous India has come back with a vengeance. Anonymous hackers took the TRAI website offline again around three in the Morning EST, with a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack.

The official TRAI website was knocked offline once prior to yesterdays early AM take down, the Indian-based Anonymous group had knocked the site offline when the leak of millions of emails initially occurred. TRAI leaked over one million petitioners email ID’s, exposing them to spam and phishing attacks. However, following the massive attack, the TRAI security team managed to successfully mitigate the DDoS only to later leak a bizarre love letter through the site.

In an email publicly published to the site, a passionate love letter from an anonymous email to a TRAI employee email was made public. Both emails were in plain text, containing all the contents inside the email. The email has been public for several hours accompanied by the one million emails leaked yesterday.

Anonymous India has warned TRAI that if the publicly leaked email ID’s are not removed from the site, the company will continue to endure attacks. Writing the following on Twitter to the TRAI:

Remove the email addresses #TRAI or we will screw with your servers! #OpTRAI engaged! TANGO DOWN –

— AnonOpsIndia (@opindia_revenge) April 28, 2015

On Monday, the TRAI had leaked over one million email ID’s of pro net neutrality supporters. The emails came from a consultation paper the TRAI had sent out to Indian citizens earlier in the month, urging citizens to express their thoughts and opinions on net neutrality. The paper said to answer the twenty questions listed on the card and send it to an official TRAI email by April 24th. Immediately following the overwhelming 1.1 million submissions, the TRAI publicly leaked all email ID’s of those in favor of keeping the Internet open and free.

As the attacks were ongoing, hackers continued to post messages on Twitter boasting that the site was offline due to their massive attacks.

We have kept down since 2:30 PM They still don’t know how to deal with this. #OpTRAI #Anonymous

— AnonOpsIndia (@opindia_revenge) April 28, 2015

If TRAI will address the email issue remains unknown, though they may need to as the site continues to be hit with large cyberattacks forcing it offline. Many believe that TRAI had an open policy, stating if anyone sent the company an email regarding the net neutrality paper, their emails would be publicly published. Though reports of their email policy remain unconfirmed.

Anonymous India just posted a tweet minutes ago, stating they would knock the service offline once again today with another DDoS attack.

Update: As of 6:30 A.M. EST the official site appears to be offline from another massive DDoS attack.

[Photo via Pierre/Flickr [CC BY 2.0]]

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