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Anonymous Hackers Breach Israeli Arms Importer, Leaking Vital Client Details for #OpIsrael

The hacktivist collective, Anonymous, breached the website of a prominent Israeli arms importer and manufacture, leaking the username and password combination for a number of customers including additional personal information of international clients such as job title, state, country, company they work for, first and last name, as well as company and personal phone number.

The latest Anonymous hack of the Israeli arms dealer is again in the name of OpIsrael, an operation in which Anonymous said they would reign an “electronic holocaust” against the Israeli government and “wipe them from cyberspace” on April 7th of this year. Though the operation date is complete, the anonymous operations do not die, they simply continue on.

Of the leaked data, not only were international arms clients highly sensitive information leaked, government officials details were leaked as well.

International arms dealer, Fab-Defense, was hit by the cyberattack, where an Anonymous hacker stole the company database and leaked the information online.

The data has yet to be confirmed, but searching through swaths of past leaks, the details appear to be fresh, meaning the leak isn’t recycled credentials from past hacks. The leak contains the sites database, email addresses, usernames, encrypted passwords, street addresses, phone numbers, country, company, job titles, nicknames and the users registration date.

“#OpIsrael #OpIsrael2015, We are Anonymous, Expect Us Israel,” the anonymous hacker wrote on the leaked data.

The Fab-Defense hack shows the leak of accounts, with customers spreading across 25 different countries. Additionally,
945 business and personal emails were also leaked.

Digging a bit deeper into the leak, the Fab-Defense manufacturer boasts the company has over 20 verified dealers in 24 different countries throughout Europe.

Reports claims that nearly all the leaked company data matches, finding that the company name, address and phone numbers were all correct. Throughout testing, a few phone numbers were found to have been changed, but nearly all the data coincided with the leaked information.

Earlier in the article we mentioned Anonymous had threatened an “electronic holocaust” on Israel on April 7th. Anonymous hackers posted a video threatening the Israel, stating “we’ll take down your servers, government websites, Israeli military websites, banks and public institutions. We’ll erase you from cyber space as we have every year.”

During the attack, Anonymous leaked several dozen emails, Facebook logins and credit card details. Of the thousands of emails leaked, and several dozen Facebook credentials, the information was found to be fresh and only collected one day prior to the attack.

On April 11th, Anonymous hackers were reported to have hacked another Israeli-based International Arms manufacturer and importer, leaking clients email and website login credentials online.

Fab-Defense has yet to confirm, report or note any form of an attack against the company or website.

Though the leaked data could prove important to other arms dealers and intelligence agencies. Client data in the private arms dealing world is extremely sensitive and the leak could prove to be vital.

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