Doge Vault Hacked, Over $56,000 in DogeCoin Stolen, Freedom Hacker

Doge Vault Hacked, Over $56,000 in DogeCoin Stolen

On Tuesday, one of the largest online repositories for the cryptocurrency, DogeCoin, noted that the service had been hacked two days prior.

“On the 11th of May, the Doge Vault online wallet service was compromised by attackers, resulting in a service disruption and tampering with wallet funds. As soon as the administrator of Doge Vault was alerted, the service was halted. The attackers had already accessed and destroyed all data on the hosted virtual machines.”

Doge Vault administrators have not officially stated how much was lost in the online heist, but a recently created Dogecoin wallet and large transfer suggest the attacker may have hijacked 121,550,030 Dogecoins. In current exchange rates, that roughly translates to $56,000.

The company did not respond to any press inquires immediately, nor did they provide any additional information on who the perpetrators might be.

Dogecoin is a newly emerging popular cryptocurrency. Debuting in December 2013, Dogecoin is a rapidly growing altcoin on the market. Unlike Bitcoin and other altcoins, Dogecoin has no hard cap on how many coins will be mined. Dogecoin is only recently one of the many cryptocurrencies to suffer a large online wallet breach. The hijacking of cryptocurrencies has become almost common over the past months. A number of online wallets have suffered severe data breaches, some succumbing to over $200,000 losses.

Doge Vault Hacked Public Statement

Since begin breached, Doge Vault has replaced the main homepage with a rather small note on the incident. The company noted they are still investigating who may have stolen the Dogecoins, and urges users to not deposit any Dogecoins into their Doge Vault address. Doge Vault Official Statement:

The Doge Vault team notes they will update their customers immediately in any news emerges on who the perpetrators may be, or till the investigation is completed.

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