New Facebook Malware Claims Malaysian Flight MH370 Found, Freedom Hacker
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New Facebook Malware Claims Malaysian Flight MH370 Found

New Facebook Malware Claims Malaysian Flight MH370 Found

Hackers, as usual, have taken  advantage of another hot topic and turned it into malware. With the recent disappearance of Malaysia airline flight, MH370, news reports have been crazed over such story. While headlines are making their way to the top of Facebook, so are hackers.

Spammers have taken advantage of the most recent globally recognized topic on Facebook, the recent disappearance of the Malaysian airline flight. The malware hackers are spreading posts a seemingly innocent link on a Facebook users wall, the links claims there is footage of the lost airline flight. Once clicked, it will make the user share the same piece of malware that was just clicked on, to be able to watch the video.

The exact title to the piece of malware is: Malaysia Plane MH370 Has Been Spotted Somewhere Near Bermuda Triangle. Shocking Videos Release Today. It claims the Boeing 777-200 aircraft that disappeared Saturday March 8 2014, has been found in the Bermuda triangle, and that everyone aboard the flight is alive and well. Such claims are false.

The link and video are complete scams. As of yet, there is no real footage of the missing Malaysian plane. Do not click on any links, and delete any links to the malware if you or others have shared the news in any form. Remove all information pertaining to the malware, and notify others.

Facebook and hot topics are always playgrounds for hackers with malicious intent. Posts spread at rapid rates, and the most recent Malaysian airline malware has already spread like wildfire in under 24 hours! Beware!

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