FC Barcelona Twitter Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army


FC Barcelona Twitter Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

FC Barcelona, popular football club (soccer in the U.S.A.), has been the recent victim to attacks by the Syrian Electronic Army. Tuesday afternoon, February 18, 2014 FC Barcelona had their official twitter hijacked and taken over by the Syrian Electronic Army. The Syrian Electronic Army hijacked three different twitter accounts in their most recent cyber attack.

Of the compromised accounts FC Barcelona had their official English Twitter @FCBarcelona,  official Spanish Twitter @FCBarcelona_es, and official Catalan Twitter @FCBarcelona_cat, hijacked by the #SEA. Tweets posted on all three official accounts read

Dear FC Barcelona management. Don’t let the Qatari money funds you, it’s full of blood and kill via @Official_SEA16 #SEA #FCB

At the time of this article all tweets have been deleted and the accounts have been reclaimed by FC Barcelona.

FC Barecelona Syrian Electrnoic Army Tweets, Freedom Hacker

Amongst this hack, the Syrian Electronic Army has also noted they are not done with the Forbes Attack they launched February 14, 2014. Along with the Forbes website and Twitter begin hacked, the Syrian Electronic Army also leaked over 1 million Forbes login details just later that day. Pro Syrian hackers have not released any further data on what may be released.

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